Friday, February 17, 2017

Random Selections From the "Jimin Fap" Folder

Jimin is so fucking hot. You guys agree and one of to know if the "Jimin Fap" folder was real and to share it. It is. No I don't legit fap to it but the name is suiting. I can't post everything I have in there because that would take way too long not to mention embarrassing so here are some of my top choices.

Jimin being the cutest cutie. Part of Jimin's appeal is the fact that he's cute as fuck.

Then we have the opposite, which is of him being sexy as fuck because he's a very balanced individual.

Wouldn't be a Jimin appreciation post without mentioning his stunning eyes.

And thighs.

And booty.

For any of you with BDSM kinks there's always this iconic outfit:

I don't know how he pulls off the baggy sweater look.

Or douchey Fuckboi aesthetic.

Eyesmile for days.

Something for the fanboys:

I'll finish off this post with a bed pic.

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