Sunday, January 1, 2017

My Top 10 B-Sides of 2016

These are my favorite B-sides of 2016! In my past years in K-pop I've been able to listen to a good amount of albums and pick out my favorites from those albums. However 2016 was one of the busiest years for me ever, so I could only listen to a decent amount, the list is fairly limited (at least by my standards) but I still really do like all of these songs. 

10. NCT127 - "Wake Up"

I'm a sucker for EDM so SM's latest trend doesn't bug, however I do think that some of their stuff can be a bit uninspired. "Wake Up" follows the trend, however it's definately got it's own identity by the beat allowing itself to build into a very nice breakdown, similar to BTS's "Save Me" (not saying it's a copy, it's obviously not.) I honestly would put up the entire NCT127 mini album for a recommendation.

9. Twice - "Tuk Tok"

All three of Twice's mini albums have been highly replayble for me, a group I truly stan for the music indeed. While "Headphone Ssa" was most definately an amazing song and the staple of the "Page Two" mini, I find myself just liking "Tuk Tok" just a little more. I think it's the slight reggae groove of the song, accompanied by the mid-paced tempo and little horns, flutes, and other bells and whistles that make this song just so enjoyable for me.

8. 4Minute - "Blind"

4Minute left the K-pop world with a bang...and I don't mean with "Hate" I mean with practically every other song on "Act7." "No Love" and "Canvas" are both A+'s in my book however I think it's the dark, moody and sexy sound of "Blind" that wins me over completely. 

7. Taeyeon - "Good Thing"

I'm begging you Taeng: do more dance songs. "Good Thing" has that pop-meets-funk vibe that just makes me wants to get up and dance and sing this song at the top of my lungs. It sounds very 90s-ish with the beats used and very 80s with synths and sax breakdown. One of her best tracks to date.

6. Yezi - "Sse Sse Sse" (Feat. Glime, KittiB, and Ahn Soo-min)

I honestly like Yezi as a rapper and just generally as a celebrity. Her entire "Foresight Dream" mini/maxi-single/whatever you wanna call it was really great and "Sse Sse Sse" is the type of club-beats, boom-stomp sound that more rappers need to start doing in general. I do kinda wish it was just Yezi holding down this track on her own though.

5. SHINee - "U Need Me"

I actually came around to really enjoying "1of1" however I still consider "U Need Me" to be a superior refreshing track. It's like jazz meets electronic/pop combined with R&B harmonies and it's honestly a dream come true. It fits right in with SHINee's more experimental tracks that you'd find on in their "Misconceptions" series and the "View" album. The whole "1of1" album is pretty full of great SHINee tracks I'd recommend as well.

4. BTS (Jin, Jimin, V, and Jungkook) - "Lost"

Another great album and I wont pick a solo from it for this list due to "But muh fave!" shit, however "Lost" is an undeniable bop and it's from the fucking VOCAL LINE! I honestly expected some sappy ballad, but no. They really came through with this insanely good dance-pop+R&B number. Great job BTS, keep it up!

3. Twice  - "Pit-A-Pat"

I told ya'll to stop sleeping on Twice's B-sides. "Twicecoaster: Lane 1" is chock full of great tracks; it was honestly hard to pick a favorite. In the end it was "Pit-A-Pat" due to the fact it has me addicted, all of Jungyeon's (0:33-0:43 and 1:47-1:59) parts, cute bridge and that killer chorus.

2. Junghwa and Hyelin - "Are You Hungry?"

First and second place on this list is pretty interchangeable since I love the shit out of both songs. I put this second out just pure decision. You wouldn't expect EXID's most under-looked members to get the best song on the album but "Are You Hungry?" is a spit in the face to those expectations because it fucking rocks! It sounds like T-ara's "Do You Know Me?" with the combined guitar and sillier lyrics.  

1. Infinite - "Air"

Fuck yeah this would be high on the list. "Infinite Only" is one of the best mini's of 2016 and "Air" takes the cake as the best it has to offer. It combines EDM and electronica in a way that Infinite pulls off perfectly. The production on this song is pure gold and the vocals actually add some depth to the song due to Infinite's voices meshing very well together. "Air" kicks pure ass.

So those are my picks for the best b-sides of the year, and yeah the list is limited but I still didn't want to leave 2016 empty handed, so I went ahead and made one anyway. Let's welcome 2017!

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