Wednesday, January 11, 2017

[MV Review] Day6 - "I Wait"

While I wasn't overly thrilled with Day6's debut with "Congratulations", "I Wait" is pretty fantastic.

When I had first heard about JYP debuting a band group I was naturally skeptical and thought it could honestly go in any direction. "Congratulations" winded up just being flat average, not good but not bad. Then with the whole scandal that happened, I thought JYP might pull the plug on them. However all was not lost, and they winded up coming back pretty damn strong.

"I Wait" combines a lot of the modern pop trends that are going on with the rock sound the group has a foundation on. Elements of trap and weird synths are inserted in here, and carried out with a chorus that goes pretty damn hard make for one of the most unexpected ear worms. The bridge is even great here.

The concept is also pretty great, it has a clear urban vibe with some futuristic looking imagery. I didn't expect this kind of video to go with this kind of song but it works really freaking well. Also who is that guitarist with the blue/silver hair?

Overall Day6 did well with their comeback and I'm looking forward to them continuing their sound and hope they put out more quality songs like this.


  1. The guitarist is Young K, or Brian.

    1. Thanks! He's one of my main bias wreckers right now.