Wednesday, January 11, 2017

[MV Review] AOA - "Excuse Me" + "Bing Bing"

AOA sets the bars high with their latest comeback.
"Excuse Me" has already gotten a lot of repeats from me. It's super catchy with the fun guitar pricks and swirling synths, and that damn catchy chorus. I really love the "Excuse me/if it kills me/'cuse me," parts. The rap that gets split by Chanmi and Jimin in the second verse added some much needed change of pace and the beat drop is epic.

The video is also pretty fun with a pretty cool detective concept that works well. I love those suede red pumps with the sexy beige uniforms. The individual shots with the girls in their warm toned sweaters and natural glam makeup adds just a little bit more. The whole video is visually pleasing and all of the girls looked great.

Of course Seolhyun is a goddess.


"Bing Bing" is also a good song...but not as good as "Excuse Me." I feel like had this been released in 2014 it would be more suited, but right now it just sounds like a dated version of the great "Good Luck." It follows the big brass+cow bell bombastic sound that I do like however it's just missing that extra umph that most AOA singles have. It's still a good song that is both sexy and catchy, but when put next to "Excuse Me", it just pales in comparison.

The video is stunning with the magic concept being played with all the way through. I love the black, silver, and blue aesthetic and thought it was very well executed in a way that the sexiness seemed pretty natural and not forced. Of course all of the members look amazing, I was especially happy with how my second bias Mina pulled it off.

Yes ma'am.


Overall this was a pretty great comeback for AOA and a step in the right direction towards recovering from their scandal. "Bing Bing" fell off Melon completely but "Excuse Me" has been slowly rising. It might have the G-Friend affect or possibly even the EXID affect. The album is even pretty decent, from what I've heard already, "Feeling" is my favorite.

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