Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The MMAs: They're Not That Serious

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Not even I could escape the shit storm that's been the 2016 MMAs. And I hold the same views about awards shows as AKF and Kpopalypse.

Look getting awards is great for public recognition. But that's it. Public recognition. Winning an award has never been a deal breaker in rather or not I like a group, and it's also not a deal breaker with the public as well.

For those of you out of the loop, EXO-Ls are upset that BTS won the Best Album of The Year award over EXO. Something about album sales and other shit that doesn't matter in terms of the musical quality of an album. But it's gotten beyond upset, they're now calling up Melon and Loen demanding they release data they really can't from customer service operators. Korean EXO-Ls are marching and protesting in the streets. Not because their government just got turned on it's head but because an awards show might be rigged (huge fucking gasp there! An awards show? Being rigged? I thought they were always fair and concise!) And even starting petitions by both Korean and American EXO-Ls. As if a small minority of international fans from one country is going to do any fucking thing.

And all of this because, EXO, although they won 6 other fucking Daesangs lost unfairly to BTS. Even though this wont do anything to taint EXOs career and BTS most likely won't get any boost from this outside of obnoxious ARMYs using this as a way to rub in that BTS are much better than their faves because they won an award? Oh the horror!

Don't even get me started on the BlackPink vs I.O.I nonsense. Everyone knew YG wouldn't let BlackPink out of 2016 award-less no matter how popular IOI were.

To anyone doing this: Just please stop and calm down. Really think about what you're doing. You're asking South Korea, a country with one of the biggest political scandals going on right now, to stop and pay attention to some sobs about an idol music awards ceremony that is so obviously rigged it's honestly pathetic you're just now realizing it. And to all of the American stans doing this: all the shit going on right now and this is what you're going to fucking prioritize? The MMAs hardly affect the average Korean citizen, and it sure as hell isn't affecting you.

And let's just face it, had this award ceremony been rigged in favor of your faves, you wouldn't be crying about being robbed then would you? No you wouldn't. You'd be telling all of the upset fandoms that it's rigged and there's nothing to do about it.

And as someone who likes both BTS and EXO, they both had a great year, and who winded up taking which award will not take that away from them. Both groups have accomplished so much, that I hardly think they're placing the entire value of their careers in the hands of a Daesang. Yes it's nice and will give them public recognition, but I hardly doubt they will call it quits if it doesn't go their ways.

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