Friday, November 25, 2016


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This isn't a review. It's more like a recommendation.
Snuper's pretty awesome.

For the past year I've said that Up10tion are the most promising male nugus. And I still stand by that statement however Snuper would be a very close second.

For one, they're consistent. Their theme is 1980s and they've done well to keep that running.

"Platonic Love" is probably the same sound someone thinks when they think 80s. It's very awesome, very high bar and has a very hard dance vibe. It has all of those fairy dust-sounding keys of the 1980s and a cool sounding chorus. And yes it does sound like that one a-ha song that K-pop loves to take inspiration from, making it that much more awesome.

"You=Heaven" keeps that same upbeat 80s sound, my only problem with it is that it takes for fucking ever to get somewhere. However when it starts to pick up and truly take off, it's still a pretty good, dare say, great song. 

Again, "It's Raining" is still 80s but it's an entirely new concept. Unlike their past two cute concepts, "It's Raining" is way more dark in both looks and sounds while still keeping a punchy feel to the whole song. It reminds me a bit of Infinite's "The Chaser" (one of K-pop's best songs ever.) However this song does something really cool and unique by having the vocals fade out during the chorus and pick back up during the verses and bridge. When I first heard this I was instantly hooked.

This year has been particularly busy for me, so I haven't had a whole lot of time to dive into a lot of nugus. But I am certainly glad I made some time for Snuper, they have some real potential and I'd recommend them to anyone who's looking for consistent male rookies or someone who wants a break from the current trends a lot of boy groups are recycling these days.

Overall Snuper has made a great start and have made my end of the year favorite's list that much harder to make.

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