Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Random Round-Up - November 2016

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Random thoughts from songs I haven't reviewed since September.

Got7 - "Hard Carry"

Hard faux hip-hop traplord stuff is hardly what anyone wants from Got7 however I actually don't mind this much. Everything outside of the rapping is pretty solid. Praise the styling of Mark and Jinyoung in this.

Infinite - "The Eye"

Infinite are again, one of the most consistent groups in k-pop. This is very similar to "Bad" and while it's not a blatant copy it's still just as good. There are a couple of album tracks I would put before this though.

SHINee - "1of1"

Ugh. When I first heard this, I thought it was flat average. Fast forward to a few weeks later and I love it. Go figure. Album is also pretty dope.

BTS - "Blood, Sweat, and Tears"

BTS are fucking awesome as usual.

Twice - "TT"

Finally a girl group. It was starting to turn into a real sausage fest. Twice's "TT" is brilliant and hands down one of my favorite releases of the year. It's refreshing, cute, and super addictive; all the great qualities of Twice.

BlackPink - "Stay"

The chorus saves this from being "bleh" to "meh."

BlackPink - "Playing With Fire"

Now this is the shit I've been waiting for. This is everything I want from a YG girl group. Kick ass music with a sick music video to go with it.

Taeyeon - "11:11"

Notice how Taeyeon always seems happier when she's doing awesome songs like "I" and "Why" and thus so are we because those songs are awesome. Unlike this.

T-ara - "Tiamo"

Not even a group as musically exceptional as T-ara can escape the boring "for the fans" Christmas song.

Up10tion - "White Knight"

Another good song from Up10tion. I still stand by initial thought of them being the most promising rookie males in k-pop. Why are k-pop boy groups being so good this last third of the year? Typically it's the time where the females go in hard but I guess with Twice and BlackPink no one really wants to "go there."

B.A.P - "Skydive"

B.A.P had a pretty good year. First with "Feel Good" and now with the awesome "Skydive." The song is awesome, classic B.A.P, the music video is fucking gold, and their "NOIR" album is one of the best of the year.

SHINee - "Tell Me What To Do"

Reminds me of a more depressing version of A.Kor's "Always." I'm not too crazy about it now but I get the gut feeling that like "1of1" I'll start craving the song a few weeks down, play it once, love it, and play the shit out of it. Also god Onew looks amazing here.

That was more boy groups than usual however I'm not disappointed in the least. 2016 has been a fairly good year for k-pop in terms of major groups. Honestly, it's just the nugus that haven't been grabbing me as good.

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