Sunday, September 18, 2016

[Shit Review] BTS (Bangtan Boys) - "Boy In Luv"

No, I didn't rewind all the way back to 2014. It just so happens to be my birthday so I thought I'd balance out all of the BTS love by reviewing their worst Korean song. Why? Just because I never got the chance to review it and as a huge fan of BTS, it's my duty to be honest.

This. Shit. Is. Bad.

After debuting with one of the best K-pop songs ever, following up with another great song BTS released this.

Well, where do I begin. I remember when my friend first got really into BTS and she showed me this. I immediately wrote them off as another try hard group and didn't give them another look. Until I heard their first song, "No More Dream" and the rest of their music and I've been a fan ever since. However the fact that this was the song that almost made me flip them the bird should say wonders.

Okay, the most important aspect of any release is the song: it's shit. It ain't the worst song out there but that doesn't excuse the fact that it still makes me externally cringe. The guitar riff is sick (in a good way) but the rest of the instrumental is all messy, sloppy, disjointed and clouds my ears way too much for it to be enjoyable. Overall it's just an ugly sounding song. 

Let's talk about everything layered on top of the instrumental: It's also a big fucking no. It begins with Jungkook rapping. Okay fine, his rapping was alright in their past songs so what about here? NOOOOOOO. He sounds like he's whining. And the interjections from each member during it make me want to slap myself. Then it turns to Namjoon's rapping. Again, fine but far from his best. Same goes for J-Hope. The little area that leads to the chorus is a big fucking NO as well, their voices sound like they haven't drank water in two weeks. I can barely hear Jimin during the chorus as the instrumental drowns his voice out and I HATE when that happens. Taehyung's part during the chorus is actually enjoyable. Yoongi's verse is okay with me, but that has more to do with his performance. The bridge is unmemorable aside from Jimin's high note which is the only part where you really hear him or Jungkook sing, and it's auto-tuned to fucking hell so it sounds high enough for only damn dogs to hear.

What about the video? Fucking mess. It's just... I don't know what the fuck Big Hit was thinking when they thought of the plot for this shit. I guess BTS were still such nugu's during this they had to beg, snatch and demand for some damn pussy????????????????????? The acting make me laugh (compare how they're acting here to "Danger", "I Need U", "Run" and their "Wings" teasers.) It's to be expected since they were still nugus however they snorted way too much coke before this shoot because they're super animated here. Also, JIMIN AND JUNGKOOK DIDN'T ANYONE EVER TEACH YOU TO NOT CROSS THE STREAMS!!!

The saving grace of the video is how hot the members look:

Image result for jimin boy in luv gif

Image result for jin boy in luv gif

Image result for j-hope boy in luv gif

Image result for v boy in luv gif

Image result for rap monster boy in luv gif

Image result for suga boy in luv gif

Image result for jungkook just one day gif

This wasn't Jungkook's best era, so I just used this gif from "Just One Day"

No sources for any of these gifs because they're super old and have been passed around more than a joint on 420.

So overall, this is my reaction to when "Boy In Luv" pops up on a playlist:

Final verdict: Watch "War of Hormone" instead. It essentially takes everything that sucks about this, and adds a whole lot of awesome. Actually pretty much any other BTS song will do.

And because I'm all about spreading positivity, I will be posting up a more positive article either later on today or tomorrow.


  1. as a current bts stan i agree that this song is shit, this was the first bts song i heard and i thought it was so bad i stayed away from them for a long time and didn't give them another chance until i need u