Tuesday, September 6, 2016

[MV Review] Red Velvet - "Russian Roulette"

SM has really been bringing it with their music (sans STATION)  this year.

Red Velvet continue their winning streak with "Russian Roulette" which, as a song, is absolutely fantastic and while it is most definitely a "Red" concept it isn't the same as say their other songs. That's actually one thing I really like about Red Velvet is that while they have two concepts, none of their songs from either concept sound the same. While "Happiness", "Ice Cream Cake", "Dumb Dumb", and now "Russian Roulette" are all great red concepts, none of them sound like remakes from the others. Same with their "velvet" concepts. Some groups just rehash their break through songs over and over again and never really grow and this lose public interest unless they switch it up last minute, but RV have already set in their identity and SM is doing a great job of expanding both concepts.

"Russian Roulette" honestly sounds like something out of the golden-age era of K-pop with the foggy synths and upbeat catchy melody, however it doesn't sound dated or overused due to the modernization of the song. It sounds like something SNSD or f(x) would have done during the 2010-2012 days, however it does have a VERY Red Velvet sound to it. The verses aren't devoid of any interest, and the chorus is catchy and is stuck in my head right at this moment. I only wish the bridge were a bit better seeing as it just seems rather stripped but overall "Russian Roulette" is a knockout of a song.

The video is hilarious, I actually found myself legit laughing at some parts. It's essentially, the Red Velvet members trying to kill each other while remaining very cutesy. It has the aesthetic of a Lovelyz-meets-Orange Caramel video but the mean spirited-ness of South Park episode. Here are just some of the things I've noticed funnily fucked up about the video:

  • Wendy setting Seulgi on fire
  • Yeri hitting Irene in the face with a ball
  • Irene in a "neck-snapping" position with Yeri
  • Wendy pushing Yeri into a practically empty pool
  • Yeri feeding the other members cereal with legit metal tools in it
  • Irene and Seulgi pushing Wendy out into open traffic on a FUCKING BED
  • Seulgi dropping a refrigerator on top of Joy's head
  • Joy and Yeri dumping balls on Irene
  • The other members crushing Seulgi with a locker
  • Wendy and Seulgi crushing Irene and and Joy with a piano
Do you...

See this shit?! (What is the car doing driving on the sidewalk anyway?

If this isn't some sadistic shit I don't know what is. This might be my favorite video of the year actually.

Just a warning, "cutting ties" has a double meaning in this vid.

In terms of styling every member has their shining moments. Seulgi looks good when she's not in those bright orange pig tales, and Joy's only weakness is the blonde hair isn't cut to suit her face. Also, idols just generally look like shit when their blonde in comparison to darker hair. She looks cute with the half-pony though. Irene is Irene, she always looks good as her face was made for the camera. The standouts are Wendy who shits on everyone in this music video, but to be honest she shits on everyone in all of Red Velvet's videos (this coming from a Seulgi stan.)

 And Yeri's entire styling is erogenous.

I'm happy hoop earrings are becoming popular again.

Overall this marks another great songs in Red Velvet's discography and another notch in the belt of SM's good 2016 releases. It's honestly been a while since they churned out this many stellar releases over the course of a year.

I leave you with some Irene. I couldn't find any real good gifs of her, so I'm going to use this old one from a CF but if any of you have any good Irene gifs from the MV, leave them below and I'll update the article.

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