Friday, August 12, 2016

[MV Review] BLACKPINK - "Boombayah"

BlackPink has finally debuted and like life there is good news and bad news.

Bad News - Teddy can't get his shit straight for anything in the world apparently. He's been doing the same fucking sound for years and each year it's gotten more and more shitty. You know what YG didn't need? A rehash of 2NE1. Not only are the members positions pretty much a carbon-copy of 2NE1 but Teddy just had to go ahead and suck any originality they were given with a 2NE1 song he probably produced years ago.

Good News - At least the song isn't complete garbage. I actually rather enjoyed it. I would have enjoyed it more probably if it wasn't for some parts of the song being way too YG-ey. It has an old school 2NE1 beat that you know, would have been great for 2NE1 and not a group that needs to solidify their own unique image.

Bad News - The Native-American/Arabic "wooping" noise they make needs to GTFO. Ohhhh watch how YG fans who consistently complain about being triggered and so pro Social Justice all of a sudden jump on the Anti-SJW train when BlackPink starts getting dragged. It's already happening in the YouTube comments. 

Good News: The music video showcases all of the members talents, and makes them look very energetic. They actually appear to be having fun in the music video, and not just nervous trainees being told to smile real big for the camera...or else. But hey, they've trained for 1,000 years so they probably do have a one-up against other new idols.

Bad News: YG stans will showcase their notorious arrogance talking about how Blackpink will end Twice and G-Friend when they just got their foots in the door. 

Good News: Lisa and Rose:

I like the members overall. The group is fine on it's own but YG needs to let go of his arrogance and actually try something different with a girl group for once. The main reason why 2NE1 tanked is because he can't manage them for shit and I just hope the same thing doesn't happen to Blackpink.

I won't bother reviewing "Whistle." I think it sucks. A lot.

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