Tuesday, August 16, 2016

[MV Review] Agust D - "Agust D"

After months of rumors circulating and some teasing, Yoongi finally releases his much hyped solo mixtape, meeting all expectations.

Yoongi is my favorite rapper of BTS. I know a lot of people prefer Namjoon and while I do like him and J-Hopes raps, the content of Yoongi's have always appealed more to me. His raps also just come off more "professional" which might have to do with his more extensive knowledge of music. 

When I first heard of this, I had no idea what direction music wise he would take. 100% it would be rap but all of his produced tracks on BTS's tracks have been more R&B slow jams (i.e. "I Like It")  to more moody slow burners (i.e. "Let Me Know"). However he's known for more hyped rapping so the fact that "Agust D" is all fire with no room for watering down is no surprise.

Now, I don't speak Korean, so I can't judge his rapping abilities (like comparing him to Tupac or some shit.) So just looking at the lyrics, and judging from content alone, it's exactly what made him become my favorite rapper of BTS. He speaks on issues involving himself while booming and bragging, spitting witty line after another. There is even an homage to his "speed rapping" which was often used as a gag/talent on variety in their debut days.

The instrumental starts with a bang and gets bigger and bigger as the song goes deeper and Yoongi's lines get more and more tighter. It acquires a layering of horns and thumping drums paired with a marching, all quite suitable and addictive.

The music video is full of stuff for the more creative-minded ARMYs to pick at and decipher, something I'm actually quite fond of since I have a knack for looking in deep into things however I'd be lying if I said I don't over analyze. Yoongi seems to be having a blast on set, especially towards the end when he's out and free. 

Keeping that in mind, I don't expect the rest of the album to be as hyped as this since Yoongi is more known for darker raps and I hear there is quite a few references to depression and mental struggles. I ain't saying to expect a "Life's a Bitch" (very few people can come close to that) but something along those lines in terms of content.

If there is one thing I'd have to scratch at (and I do have to mention this) is when he spells Agust D. A to the G to the U to the STD. STD. It doesn't help that you threw in a "Fat dick" line either. Or about us getting turned on by your "tongue technology." I think you may or may not be admitting to something here. Or, this is a strange way of you advising us to wear protection which, let's be honest, is a message that will never not go away (nor should it.)

Overall this was awesome. I like that Big Hit is letting them do mixtapes but not making them all do the same thing with them. Namjoon's was more about him coming to terms with the fact that he is an idol, and Yoongi's is going to be different from that which is a very good thing. They're two different people with two different stories. I'm about to go check out the rest of this since so far this has done nothing but please.

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