Tuesday, July 19, 2016

You're Not An Expert.

This is one of my more lengthy post. It's been a while since I've made one of those.

I see many people all over the internet using their own diseases/depressions/life experiences to condemn Hani and Sulli for their "actions" or "diagnose" them and it's absolutely pathetic.

As many people know, Hani has been more emotional than usual on TV, and many people have been saying that this is ruining her career. While I don't think it's that detrimental I do think that Hani's company needs to put her on hiatus because she's obviously not happy right now however what I don't like seeing is people using their own life experiences as a basis for everything related to why Hani might be crying.

I've seen many people say something along the lines of "It's not depression. I had depression and I never cried as much. Hani just wants attention." This is why people who talk about this stuff on the internet are often times never given any serious credibility because they say shit like this. If you would take time out to actually read up on depression, then you would know that it affects everyone differently, and that while some people may conceal their depression easily, others are more vocal about it. Just because you experience something one way, doesn't mean everyone's going to experience exactly the same as you. 

I've also seen people try to justify Hani not really being sad with her upbringing and current career status. Sure rich people may have more access to stuff that makes them happy however depression doesn't just affect one group of people from a certain social class. Sure it might not be rooted from the same problems- a person of lower finances might become depressed due to a financial struggle which is something most well-off people won't experience, however that's not to say that more well-off people don't face some kind of struggle. And despite Hani being super popular and all, her current career hasn't been all peaches and cream.

EXID had it rough until "Up&Down" and that took months to even surge them into popularity. Had "Up&Down" not been a success, the EXID would just be another nugu girl group or disbanded. To top it off, Hani was the reason "Up&Down" became popular which meant she was the face of EXID and thus had the most pressure on her to maintain EXID's image.

As she became more and more of a variety icon and winning the public over, she naturally garnered more and more fans, most of which are probably male and we all know fanboys these days can be just as bad as fangirls. She worked nonstop for pretty much all of 2015 to the point where she was probably overexposed and way more overworked than she had been in her life. Then what happened? She dated.

Notice how ever since she dated people have been nitpicking the most stupid shit ever about her? Then the plastic surgery accusations . The same shit is happening with Krystal too. Overnight Hani went from everyone's favorite EXID member to the least. You see netizens praising Junghwa and Solji more. It's worn down a bit since January but for a while Hani was on everyone's shit list. And international fans are some of the worst with this.

In the West, who you date shouldn't affect your career (unless you're dating someone like Donald Trump I guess.) However in Korea, who you date, especially if you're female can do major damage to your career. The only difference is the forgiveness factor. When Soyeon and her boyfriend recently broke up, netz were so happy and talked all kinds of shit about how smart he was to dump her and that he officially has his image back. However, females don't get off as easily and a lot of the times their value is dwindled down to the level of their significant other. So Hani went from just being Hani to "Junsu's Girlfriend" and every article about her had Junsu attached even when it made no sense to have his name anywhere in the article.

Not to mention she was probably forced into that awful diet where she barely ate. For the average person, starving is not a great feeling especially when your body is used to being fed a certain amount of nutrition. Go from eating three meals a day to only eating a cube of cheese when you feel like you're about to pass out and see if your still a happy bubbly person.

I'm not claiming to be an expert on the issue however these are just some points to consider when you see someone bitching about Hani. She's a human with a job, and jobs can get stressful no matter how much money you make and no matter how much you love it.

As for Sulli, well the hate towards her is equally as stupid. People think the stuff she posts on social media reflect her mental stability or something. Even when it's just a simple selfie people will find something to shit on. My only response is: if you see someone who is happy with their life, relationship, and is acting completely normal for their age and you feel the need to bitch and moan, draw conclusions with no proof attached to them as well as leave numerous messages calling them attention whores, I don't think they're the ones that need help. 

At the end of the day if you're truly concerned about someones health, then you'd actually try to help them instead of demonize them.

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