Thursday, July 14, 2016

Feel Good: Happy, Healthy Jimin

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He's so fucking hot.

I feel like shit so I decided to make a feel good article. An article that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. An article that will at least put a big smile on my face. 

I decided to start with  Jimin stated that he's losing his abs in 2016 because he wants to enjoy food and "get fat" (which probably just means getting slightly chubbier.)

Jimin has a personality that's already stan-worthy. His dancing is superb. His voice is pretty. The fact that he just so happens to be so incredibly stupid hot is just a bonus to be honest. However he's always faced a complex since debut about his weight, despite him having abs pretty much his whole career. Me personally, I found his chubby cheeks super cute and attractive along with his heavier build, however some fans didn't feel the same.

Around the "Danger" era is when all of BTS became sickly skinny. I can say it looked off because I had been stanning them for quite some time and their normal bodies looked no where near the thinness it was during "Danger." It looked like they just dieted and no exercise. However that could have been linked to the fact that they had so many promotions in 2014.

In 2015 they were back to their regular healthy selves, and come December Jimin was pretty much like "Fuck your standards. I love myself. And food."

Jimin: "Fuck your standards."

Fans: "Why?"

Jimin: "I'm actually going to eat without guilt for once in my career."

*Smiles because his blood is made out of sunshine and rainbows*

Fans: "It's about time. You're still hot as fuck!"

Jimin: "I know."

(I have no idea who made these gifs. If I ever find out I'll source them. I got them from here.)

So far all of BTS have that "healthy glow" somewhat which is great. I'm not trying to front like I'm a health expert but most of us have common sense. I'm happy that Jimin has more confidence in him because when he debuted, he was very open about his insecurities so it's nice to see him embrace self-acceptance.

I already feel better just by writing that. It was almost therapeutic. I might start writing more of these actually.

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