Wednesday, June 22, 2016

[MV Review] SISTAR - "I Like That"

Sistar make their best comeback in four years.

While 2012 had one of Sistar's best comebacks it also contained the start of their stroke of boring and generic summer sounding songs with "Loving U." Ever since that song came out and everyone went nuts over it (I didn't feel for it tbh) they were consistantly lukewarm. "Give It To Me" was basically KARA's "Pandora" slowed down with the praise "Pandora" deserved (and it pisses me off so much how people shit on "Pandora." Then "Touch My Body" was marginally okay and "Shake It" was one big shitfest. At that rate I was ready to write off Sistar as a group that had just lost what made them appeal to me first and foremost: their music.

However all that has changed, as they have redeemed themselves with "I Like That."

"I Like That" is an upbeat electropop song with an awesome sax-riff that gives the song that extra something. The verses are strong and the voice of Hyorin is always a pleasure to hear in songs like this. The chorus is a nice switch up from the rest of the song and keeps my attention. Bora's rap doesn't interrupt from the rest of the song and the chorus along with the chanting is carried out well. I'm loving how the synths hit in and out and the overall sound of the song. Now that I think about, this song is basically a more enjoyable version of MissA's "Only U."

The music video is awesome, and I honestly think this is Sistar's best music video. It's shot beautifully with intense angels close ups and twisted turns. It has dark, elegant sexy vibe to it, and the girls look awesome. I love that they all have dark hair and I want all of their outfits.

Dasom really stood out to me.

Overall this is a very welcomed comeback from Sistar. I really enjoyed it.

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  1. Preety on point, More Dasom for everyone makes the world go round.