Sunday, June 12, 2016

[MV Review] EXO - "Monster"

EXO released "Monster" as the other half of their comeback and it's a very welcomed return to their sound from 2014.

"Monster" is awesome. It has that same epic-dark feel that "Overdose" had, and it is part of the reason why the song works so well. It's a sound that EXO is great at pulling off, as them, being top tier male idols, probably have some crazy dark and twisted thoughts. Wouldn't you if you had to up with the shit they did?

But anyway "Monster" has a great beat and the voices of the members mesh well to make a very nice harmony. The little synths that hit with the beat really add to the twisted feel of the song, as those synths during the chorus sound like something straight out of a Stephen King movie. The verses are entertaining and not devoid of attention and it builds up to the great chorus. The bridge has a nice change of pace as it suddenly becomes kind of melancholy but doesn't distract from the rest of the song. Chanyeol's rap is what you've come to expect from Chanyeol and the rest of the song folds out nicely.

The video matches the song and it has all of the weird twists and turns of an EXO video, only this time their fighting against the police. No doubt they're the gaurds who were hired by those sasaengs in the "Lucky One" music video to keep EXO trapped in their hospital-maze but they fight back by the power of DANCE!

The members all look fine. They look rather beat up here, but that's the concept. Also while Suho didn't get much screen time in "Lucky One", he gets a great part here in the second verse. It also features him dancing. Suho. Gets. A. Dance. Break. I love it.



Get that shit Suho.

Overall "Monster" is a great return from EXO. Look towards a review of the album soon.


  1. He used the rebound of the first dab to bounce into another dab. That's swag.