Sunday, June 12, 2016

[MV Review] EXO - "Lucky One"

Been about a year since EXO's last comeback. While "Call Me Baby" was a decent song the album had much better songs, however this comeback's songs are their best since "Overdose", proving their full potential.

To start off EXO couldn't have picked a worse time to come back, during the week of this comeback I had finals and graduation so I put this comeback on the back-burner of my priorities. Not because I thought the songs would be bad or anything, but because I had no time.

But now I am free and able to review this properly. EXO start off their two part comeback with "Lucky One," which is the tamer of the song but it honestly isn't that much far behind "Monster", which will be most peoples favorite. "Lucky One" is an electro-funk song however it refrains from sounding like a SHINee reject by adding more dance qualities to the song. The song is bouncy, catchy and retro all while being addictive. It's honestly refreshing hearing this type of sound from EXO who typically does the late 1990s and early 2000s sound.

The music video has no chill. EXO have been trapped in a hospital which is within a giant maze that is ran by a group of sasaengs that are running god knows what type of test on their oppas. Then once EXO becomes self-aware of what's being done with them (or the saseangs just get them really high, whichever you want to believe) it all of sudden becomes a T-Pain music video mixed with Star Wars. Kai then tries to Michael Jackson his way out of shit and the other members actually use their powers in this one, which would add to the entertainment factor of the music video if they weren't looked over. At least the sasaengs get their heads blown off. 

At first I thought I'd hate this music video given that I hate doctors and hospitals however they managed to make it amusing, and I'm happy all of the white didn't blind the fuck out of me. In the end, I like the video. It's like a more fucked up version of SNSD's "Mr. Mr." MV.

The members all look find for the most part. My only complaint as there are with a lot of EXO's videos is that there isn't enough Suho. Come on SM, EXO lost three members and you can't even give Suho five more seconds of screen time? 

Overall "Lucky One" is a song I can see myself coming back to. It's already a step up from "Call Me Baby" which is a really good thing.

Suho on the throne where he rightfully belongs.

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