Friday, June 24, 2016

It's Not Cute Concepts That's The Problem

The problem is you. Sonamoo weren't even liked with their tough girl concept. People kept on shitting on them because of BAP. Then "Cushion" came out and they gained some new fans. Now that BAP is settled everyone wants to act like all high and mighty like they actually stanned Sonamoo when they really were BAP's little sister group.

Now guess what? They've gone full on generic A Pink and everyone has some shit to say. News flash: none of you gave a fuck when they weren't cute. Now they're actually trying concepts that have been proven to work (APink, Gifriend, Lovelyz, ect...) and now you guys are complaining because they actually want a piece of the rookie girl group fame? If you guys wanted Sonamoo to be tough so bad, then you should have supported that concept. 

Stop blaming it on cute concepts. It's obviously what you all want and everyone knows TS isn't the best with managing their groups so if you want a tomboy girl group so bad then actually fucking support them when they're given those concepts.

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