Thursday, June 2, 2016

Battle of the SM+Jessica Solos

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Spoiler alert.

SM has released a shit tone of solos over the past two months. So I'm going to cover the main ones plus Jessica.

Tiffany - "I Just Wanna Dance"

I actually really like this song. It has a modern dance vibe mixed with a lot of 80'sness and it's very catchy. I don't why everyone dislikes it so much. Would you really rather have Tiffany belting over some limp ass R&B instrumental instead? Have we not heard that enough?

Jessica - "Fly"

Meanwhile everyones raving about this and I'm flat in the middle about it. Don't hate it by any stretch but I'm not crazy about it either. It comes off as an adult-contemporary sound with a very teenybopper k-pop message however I don't think that's a problem. I actually like the lyrics here, the song just isn't winning for me. Which is a shame because I was ready to love this and tell netizens to eat it. It's doing well on the charts though so netizens can still eat it. While Tiffany has the better song, Jessica has the better video.

Amber - "Need To Feel Needed"

I like this song a lot. It has a chill summer vibe and Amber sounds good in it. Bonus points for actually sounding unique unlike the mounds of generic garbage that's bound to come so many groups in the upcoming summer months.

Jonghyun - "She Is"

If you're familiar with Jonghyun's sound and have been following his solo career closely then this won't surprise you. I find this song rather cool and nice, I'm digging the electro-funk beat and Jonghyun sounds good here. Mind you, this is his first album which means there might be a song or two that might have been much better suited as a title track.

Luna - "Free Somebody"

Yeah, this shits on all of the other SM solos of the year so far. It's a perfectly executed EDM Dance pop song that will make you get up and dance wherever you are. Absolutely flawless. The fact that his is the only song from this list that is flopping makes me want to fuck someone up. Why do people have to have such shit music taste?

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