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suho_ftw's 2016 Female Biases

These are my female biases as of 2016.

I finally finished it.

My female biases change all the time because I stan so many. This list is bound to change as the year goes on, but for now these are the ones currently on my list.

10. Cheng Xiao (WJSN)

Cheng Xiao could actually move up on the list with WJSN converting me into a stan with their album and such and Cheng Xiao is the member that shortly became my bias due to her flips and kicks and she's also mega body goals. Her personality is also pretty funny, she's had many meme-worthy pictures of her taken which makes her all the more likeable.

And a whole lot more.

9. Hyemi (FIESTAR)

When given the (rare) opportunity Hyemi can be very entertaining, naturally funny and easily one of the most under-appreciated members of Fiestar. 

This bit will always be relevant:

8. Moonbyul (MAMAMOO)

Moonbyul is a BAMF. Love her on variety and lover he in MAMAMOO's songs. She could honestly go up a few spots in this list within the next year or so.

7. Soyeon (T-ara)

Soyeon will always be interesting to me even when Jiyeon was my #1 in T-ara she was always pretty much #2. She always had this dgaf attitude towards life in general, and always seemed to just want to do her job properly sans all of the bullshit which is admirable. 

Hail "Sugar Free" era Soyeon.

6. Jiyoon (4Minute)

If Cube actually utilized 4Minute outside of keeping Hyuna relevant then the group would be a lot more well off. They tried in all of the wrong places, however I'm not going to get into that now. Jiyoon, like Moonbyul, is a BAMF. She's one of the more interesting members of 4Minute, and while her performance on Unpretty Rapstar was embarrassing, I wasn't really expecting her to be extraordinary. She's a great performer and exceptionally pretty. 

I'm pretty sure she's one of the few people that can rock green hair and purple lips.

5. Seolhyun (AOA)

Gosh look at the smile. How gorgeous is she? Pretty fucking gorgeous if you ask me. Face and body goals right there. But I bias Seolhyun for a very distinc reason. Seolhyun, much like idols like all of KARA (KARA5 and 2014-2015 KARA4), Taeyeon, T-ara, and now Kai and Krystal is getting a ton of shit thrown at them for no other reason other than that they are succeeding in places of life that they can't for whatever reason. To put in simplistic forms, it's kind of like when that nerd (idol) at school does really well in something and then a bunch of bullies (netizens) come together to nit-pick and tear them down. I can't read a single Seolhyun article now without a bunch of jealous cunts cursing her for the most pathetic shit like "Oh her thighs are too big!" "Her face is so huge!" "Her nose isn't completely straight!" "Her skin is too dark!" Knowing good and damn well that they fell of the ugly tree and hit every fucking branch and leaf. #StanSeolhyun.

4. Yein (Lovelyz) + Seulgi (Red Velvet)


Red Velvet and Lovelyz are two of my favorite rookies, I couldn't decide which bias I liked more so like last year, I'm putting them together. My current Lovelyz bias always fluctuates however overall it remains Yein. And yes, I realize that if Seolhyun and Jungkook had a daughter she's probably look like Yein but she has her own stanable quality's like her rather cute tomboyish personality, her dancing and she also has a rather distinctive and cute singing voice. Note to Woolim - dye her hair silver again please.


I've been a Seulgi stan since their debut and has remained so. She's always stood out to me during their performances and now with their variety show appearances, they've all opened up a whole lot more and that includes Seulgi.. Seulgi's dancing has always impressed me (along with Irene.) Her singing voice is strong however she doesn't go overboard and she's also rather attractive. I admire her for having the balls ovaries to keep her monolids. (Unrelated but I'm noticing more female idols with monolids like Seulgi, Dahyun, Yein, Jisoo, Baby Soul, quite a few members from Oh My Girl, CLC, ect...)

Also, damn hot.

3. Han Seungyeon (Ex-KARA)

Despite KARA no longer being active (unless Gyuri says otherwise) I'm still putting Seungyeon on this list. KARA was too great and I personally find her to be the prettiest idol. I can't describe it-if you don't know then you just won't. I used a  picture from the "Mamma Mia" because I'd like to think KARA ended their careers on a high note.

Never forget "Speed Up" era Seungyeon.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

All of these GIFs come from this page of Karaholic.

2. Krystal (F(x))

My f(x) bias has always been a juggle with Luna and Krystal. During "Red Light" I thought it would permanently be Luna however she had to go and fuck that up so now it's Krystal. I've always been on her side because she's one of those female idols who have always received hate for having a "Resting Bitch Face" and not giving a fuck about it, which I admire. She's just there to do her job, which is entertain, and then proceed to live a normal life in between all of the idol shit. What's not to like? 

1. Taeyeon (SNSD)

The sliest fox. The sneakiest Kimchi bitch. Taeyeon has been my favorite female idol group member for many years. Very goofy and dorky, all around entertainer, part time pervert and gorgeous human being. Can't really say much else.

Very little variations from the one last year. I think this is how it will be for a while too. Either way those are my top 10 female biases.

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