Wednesday, May 25, 2016

No Sana. No Life.

Sana's always been my favorite Twice member (despite me spamming Mina a lot.) However she has really smashed into my bias list as of late.

While I'm still anti-blonde Sana (because her hair might as well have a funeral at this point), the blonde has definitely grown on me.

And also her protrayal of Sailor Moon, my favorite anime (coming from someone who watches very little anime) is admirable adorable.

Loving silly nature:

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I have been slain.

Bottom line: where this is life there is Sana. Where there is not life there is no Sana. Sana is life so live her.

There's mostly been a lot of short posts on here. I have a couple of reviews for BTS and AOA coming up. In the mean time, fawn over Sana!