Monday, May 30, 2016

[MV Review] Luna - "Free Somebody"

Luna frees me from pulling a hernia over which song to pick as #1 this year, because "Free Somebody" just claimed it.

I was probably the only person that wasn't in shock when I heard Luna was doing a dance song for her solo debut. She was recruited by SM entertainment for her dancing skills and is arguably f(x)'s best dancer right along with Victoria.

I see a lot of people complaining that it's not ballad. To them I say FUCK YOU this song is fantastic.

"Free Somebody" is everything one could ever expect great from an EDM+Pop song. And while "4 Walls" was a damn good song and was in my top 5 of last year, this is like an improved version of that sound. It's catchy, sexy, groovy, replayable as fuck and all around awesome. The verses, pre-chorus, chorus, and bridge are all flawless. This song is a pure A+.

The music video answers any questions one might have about what she wants to "free somebody" from. It's obvious she wants to free that very attractive and young looking guy from his virginity. And no I'm not accusing Luna of being a pedo, but rather the guy just looks young and innocent. The rest of the video is overall interesting, and I enjoyed the visuals outside of that blurry filter they used. Even those cartoons were kind of interesting however I still kind of wish there was more of Luna and that guy.

This is also the best Luna has looked since her 2015 transformation. For months she looked like a stiff carved statue however she's now looking closer to her old self.

This album cover is low-key iconic.

Overall, I hope Luna makes more solo material. The album overall from what I've listened to already is pretty great too. This has been my favorite SM solo of the year. All hail Luna!

*Also, lovin' the Powerpuff Girls reference.

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