Sunday, April 17, 2016

Twice's New Look+Teaser

(What is with me and hair lately???) Twice are sporting new looks and hair in their latest teaser pic.

Twice is coming back with their second mini album, seeing as their "The Story Begins" album is still one that I play to this day I'm hyped.

Tzuyu's looking pretty with her black/blue hair. I'm not sure how I feel about Chaeyoung's red bob yet. I really wish they'd let the girl grow it more. Minah's hair cut is pretty and the color is not too light. Sana looks awful and I'm sure her hair feels like straw given all of the dying, toning and bleaching they've been doing to it since probably before their debut. This hurts me more than usual since she's my bias! Nayeon looks stunning with her black hair and bangs. Jungyeon looks the same which is neither good or bad. Dahyun's new hair is glorious and I'm loving how they switched the colors to match this comeback. Jihyo looks amazing and so pretty. Momo looks great as a brunette.

The concept seems to be sorority/cheerleader. Not the most original concept but it does look rather refreshing.

As for the song, it will either be not as good as "Like Ohh Ahh" but good enough to keep them relevant until the next concept or more than likely it will be mind-blowingly amazing and get them even more fans. This is just an assumption since this is what normally happens with rookies from the Big 3 (SM and JYP specifically.)

Also, Sana looks better here than in the picture teaser.

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