Sunday, April 24, 2016

[MV Review] Up10tion - "Attention"

K-pop's most promising male rookies make one of my favorite comebacks for the year yet.

This song surely knocks it out of the ball park right from the beginning. It wastes no time getting right to upbeat parts with a rather explosive intro and going right into the verses. Twenty seconds in and I already knew this was going to be another quality bop from this group.

The song overall has a very nice, sexy and smooth sound but it refrains from being boring by inserting brass horns in the right places, adding umph to the song and thus increasing it's replay-ability. The vocals aren't all over the place however they are rather pleasant and match the suave nature of the song. The rapping was actually well welcomed (love how they layered those high-pitched synths under them-very Kool and The Gang esc) and didn't overstay it's welcome. The outro was a bit awkward but it's nothing to cringe-worthy and wont keep me from listening to the song again and again.

The music video, like the song, is what you'd expect. It's a suave and matured concept. The style looks rather 2006ish but that's not a complaint. At first I wasn't sure if Up10tion would wear it well considering their past two concepts have been angst-teen-emo and cute video-game boys however they managed to pull this off effortlessly. They offer some pretty snappy moves with the choreography as well. There's not really that much to talk about since the concept is pretty run-of-the-mill and all of the members look really hot.

Especially Wooshin - 


Fine specimen right there.

My only complaint: It should have been called A10tion.

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