Sunday, April 24, 2016

[MV Review] Twice - "Cheer Up"

The group everyone loves to hate has returned with one more reason for me to love them.

With all of the hype that surrounded this comeback, I expected stated that it will either be better or worse than "Like Ohh Ahh" and it turned out to just be "Like Ohh Ahh 2.0"... but much better than you'd expect. The verses are nice and bubbly (my personal favorite parts of the song along with Mina's bridge) the chours is catchy and keeps me wanting more, the raps parts aren't devoid of any energy-the song overall wraps up to be rather flawless. It's everything I honestly love about Twice. The only thing I don't like is the chant as I feel it was just shoe-horned into the song to make it more like "Like Ohh Ahh."

The video is also entertaining, showcasing Twice in various movie parody's here are the ones I think are parodied:

-Nayeon as a scream queen from 90's slasher films ("Scream" to be specific - switching out her cellphone for the 90's style landline was a very nice touch btw)

-Jungyeon appears to be in some type of Wong Kar Wai type of setting?

- Momo as an action-film babe

-Sana as Sailor Moon

-Jihyo as a "Bring it On" cheerleader

-Mina from "Love Letter"/ "From Me To You"

-Dahyun from traditional Korean-films

-Chaeyoung from old Western type of films

-Tzuyu is almost "Breakfast at Tiffany's" looking? Might be wrong about that though.

The girls all look amazing, especially Nayeon who looks glorious with black hair. I could go on and on about how pretty they all look. However I cannot stan blonde Sana anymore, seeing as her hair looks so dead.

Overall this was a pretty kick-ass comeback from Twice.

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  1. pretty girls with gorgeous legs.