Sunday, April 24, 2016

[MV Review] Seventeen - "PrettyU"

K-pop's second most promising boy group makes a surprisingly tame comeback.

With the powerful awesomeness that was "Mansae" I sort of expected Seventeen to try to out-do that song or make "Mansae 2.0" but instead they went for the more fluffy and friendly "PrettyU." While it's not my ultimate favorite song of theirs by any stretch it's not bad nor is it necessarily boring. However it does feel like one of those songs idols release as gifts for their fans. While those are typically hit or miss, this falls right down the middle not terrible in any way but not amazing in any way. It feels more like a pre-release track than anything.

However I feel like there are some hidden gems in the album.

The music video is the most...disappointing(?) part of this comeback. It basically has all of the jump-cut fuckery of a T-ara video minus everything that makes a T-ara video visually stimulating. The boys are cute-if you pause the video at the right time to get a chance at their faces because the video changes to a new member or activity every 0.5 seconds. They aren't really doing anything super interesting (why no choreo?!) it's just sort of bland and falls flat.

Overall while this may not be the best Seventeen song, and it surely isn't the best Seventeen video at the very least, we get a full length album that's bound to make up for anything that was lackluster here.

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