Monday, April 25, 2016

[MV Review] Lovelyz - "Destiny"

Lovelyz make possibly the best release of the year.

I said possibly however at the rate I've been replaying this, it's going to be very hard to top "Destiny" song-wise. It has a great retro-80's/70's feel that you're used to from Lovelyz however it's intensified to make it sound much more mature. It's complete with more mature the lyrics (on the surface at least.) The is dramatic and pretty-another thing I love about Lovelyz songs. The verses aren't spared to be white-noise and actually utilizes the synth and drums to their full extent. The chorus is pure brilliance picking up greatly where the chorus leaves off. The bridge is amazing and carries the same dramatic spirit as the bridge from "Ah-Choo." It all builds to a great end-chorus and the "outro" being one of the best "outros" in k-pop for choosing the subdued almost Sailor Moon-like synths/strings. The whole song over all has a very kind of Sailor Moon-ish feel which I think was done purposely when you read the lyrics and look at the video which is filled with moon symbolism.

The video is absolutely gorgeous and executes the concept flawlessly by having the camera seemingly rotate around the members and objects as well, a moon would. Unlike most, I don't find it nauseating or dizzying. I honestly thought it was a great touch. Of course all of the members looked flawless and I'm honestly surprised at how well Sujeong pulled off those green contacts. Maybe because they were dark green which looks a bit more natural- and not the hideous neon blue color idols seem to be obsessed with these days. I love all of the sets, imagery and filters used here because they are used appropriately. I especially dig the moons that pop up in front of Kei and Miju during the bridge. The choreography was brilliant with the usage of swift movements. Overall super well done music video - love it love it love it.

Their "A New Trilogy" mini album is amazing and worth a review of its own.

Overall Lovelyz new release is by far a highlight of 2016 k-pop. Stan Lovelyz!

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