Sunday, April 17, 2016

Lovelyz's New Teasers Are a Thing of Beauty

All of the individual teasers for Lovelyz have been released, it's worth a talk.

First up my main bias Yein looking fabulous as always:

Then we have Jin rocking her awesome short hair:

Sujeong looking just as bias-wrecker friendly as usual:

Miju being goals all around:

Then we have the only bad teaser pic: Jiae's. Why did the photographer chose to turn the exposure up so high?!?! It's blinding the shit out of me! You can't even see how pretty she is.

Moving on we have Baby Soul serving her signature sweetness:

Then my current bias* - Kei just being heavenly:

And finally Jisoo - the purest beauty of them all!

I don't understand how these girls can be both idol-beauty and everyday-beauty at the same time. Seriously these teasers are amazing.

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