Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Dumb Dumb Reviews: Everything I Missed That I Shouldn't Have


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Cheng Xiao silently judging me.

Life threw me some curb-balls, but I'm back and to make for my lack of effort on this blog I'm going to basically review all the major releases I didn't get a chance to review from late February to now.

I named it "Dumb Dumb" reviews because I couldn't think of anything else.

Taemin - Drip Drop

Absolutely love this weird but mature electro-pop mixed with R&B tune. It's sexy and subtle but still has a big impact. The breakdown and chorus are really stellar here. Taemin dances his ass off. One of his best releases to date.

Taemin - Press Your Number

Another really great song. This is a bit more slinky and suspenseful than "Drip Drop" however it still matches the sound Taemin has well established for himself. The mix of funk here is superb and the chorus gets an A+. Overall, I'm feeling "Drip Drop" more but this comeback from Taemin was everything I could have wished for.


I'm in the minority with WJSN in general. The song here is a fantastic upbeat 80's track. The verses are really stellar here, the chorus could be stronger and the rap is unnecessary however the song overall is very enjoyable for me.

WJSN - Catch Me!

"Catch Me!" is the better track as it goes harder and the rap and vocals are suited in places that suit them. I swear I hear R2D2 in the instrumental. The song will fall rough on most ears but it suits mine just fine. While the song is a win the video is a lose. The lives are way better.

AOA (Cream) - I'm Jelly Baby

Wanna know how to piss me off? Take three of my favorite members from one of my favorite girl groups, give 2/3 of them awkward hairstyles, and pair it with a sloppy and mediocre song and a cringe-worthy concept. FNC, you succeeded in the sense that whatever appeal this unit debut had was diminished in four minutes and thirty-eight seconds. 

FIESTAR -  Mirror

Riding off the Yezi and Cao Lu hype Fiestar make a comeback where they just remix "You're Pitiful" with better line distribution and a more upbeat sound, but hey it works like a charm so I'm not complaining. Hail Hyemi!

Ladies' Code - "Galaxy"

Ladie's Code make a comeback after a year and a half with a Vanessa Daou sound and style and it's easily one of my favorite song and videos of the year.

Rainbow - Whoo

Rainbow make a comeback with their classic retro guitar driven sound and this time it's accompanied by a peppy 80's vibe. While it's nowhere near as good as whatever instrumental was used in their teaser, I still play it a lot. However with most of Rainbow's comeback's, it's the album that steals the show.

Got7 - Fly

Another awesome comeback from Got7. Seriously awesome song, confusing video. Also thank the lord that 6/7 members have dark hair.

OMG (Oh My Girl) -  Liar Liar

This song would be a whole lot better if it weren't for the overly shrill and high-pitched voices the girls were singing in. Seriously it makes me want to pull a Van Gogh on my ears. The saving grace is the rap section.

Red Velvet - One Of These Nights

Red Velvet's wins yet again with the velvet concept. The ballad thankfully isn't just one-note the entire 4+ minutes and is actually quite pretty sounding with the melancholy not overpowering the song. Also that music video is fucking flawless.

Jun Hyosung - Find Me

Hyosung redeems herself from last years Spice Girls disaster with one of the best songs of 2016 yet. It's an almost 90's power-electro dance inspired track driven by piano and is actually face paced! The music video is gorgeous and she looks amazing. Gimme all those outfits!

JYP - Fire (Feat. Jimin Park, Conan O'Brien and Steven Yeun)

A+ on everything!

History - Queen

One of k-pop's best, sexiest, and unappreciated make another great comeback and improve on the yoloswag sound quite a bit. They all look hot as fuck in the music video despite it being one big blender of what every k-pop boy group has been doing for the past three years.

I think I've wrapped up everything I've missed. I hope on doing full reviews for the upcoming Lovelyz, Seventeen, VIXX, Twice and Up10tion releases.

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