Friday, April 29, 2016

BTS's "Fire" Teaser Sounds Great But Looks a Mess

"Fire" from the teaser sounds like it will be another great track in BTS's already stellar discography. However, what the hell is up with this teaser? It's all over the place more, more so than usual. All the members look good (sans Rap Mon - their stylist needs to do some serious reflection after giving him that hideous bowl cut. WHY?!) However who is that men in black? Where are they? Why does Jimin have a lighter(blink and you'll miss it.) And WHY DID THEY GIVE RAP MON THAT UGLY ASS BOWL CUT???? At the very lease it looks very interesting and I'm properly hyped up for this release.


  1. If a trailer makes sense, it'll be Spiderman-style trailer and no one will be interested. Jimin has a lighter because obviously the track is called 'Fire'.

    1. <_< All of their other trailers have made sense to some degree. This one was all over the place. You must be new because I am a certified BTS fan.