Saturday, March 19, 2016

Upcoming Stuff

Okay so this blog has been (slightly) neglected. I'm sorry. It would be updated sooner if the two other authors I hired would actually post something once in a while. I've been able to consistently update this blog as well as AKF, while keeping my grades decent and handling college and after school activities. So unless some shit has really went down in your life, school shouldn't be setting you back from over a year of posting.

Anyway there will be some more post coming here. I've got some reviews for Taemin, Fiestar, WJSN, and more coming up. I'll be having an editorial or two posted as well. My main goal is to finally settle down with my female bias list. I know it's been taking for fucking ever but it will get done. I've posted this Seolhyun video because she's become a new addition to my bias list in the past few months. 

So yeah with school coming closer to an end, expect more and more post. CPS is going to be striking soon so that might give me more time too.

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