Wednesday, February 3, 2016

suho_ftw's 2016 Male Biases

These are my male biases as of the start of 2016. 

So yeah, male idols. I stan girl groups as hard as I stan boy groups, but my female bias list takes longer to make since I tend to stan more of them. There is no real huge criteria for this list. I don't look at just visuals, just talent or just personality/personas but rather a combination of the three as well as how much I just generally like the idol and the group they come from (musically.) 

This isn't very man-meaty and doesn't contain a lot of crowd-favorites so you have been warned if this is disappointing.

10.) Woohyun (Infinite)

You what's a terrible thing to do? Get into a group years after their debut. That'a what happened with me and Infinite. I got into them in early 2014, just knowing that their music is awesome and that I like Woohyun. And guess what's changed about that: nothing. I'm a flop Infinite stan. Would you believe they're in my top 3 boy groups? They got there purely off of music. But when time comes that I do get into Infinite (may that faithful day come soon) Woohyun will have moved up this list significantly. Until then, he has the #10 spot. (previously housed by Donghae) reserved for him.

9.) Leo (VIXX)

Having a bit of an introverted personality kind of makes me stan him harder because of how much shit he gets and also, it's refreshing to see an idol that doesn't act like he's on crack cocaine but then again that's just me. Leo also has some pretty strong looks that have always stood out for the better which I find pleasingly contrasting to his softer voice.

8.) Ilhoon (BtoB)

BtoB are one of those groups that will release a great track one week and a horrid track the next. Illhoon's always been my favorite in the group though as I find him cute and unique in the face as well as very funny especially on variety shows. Now lets hope he never get featured in another Hyuna video again because the styling for him in "Flop Deep" was treacherous. 

7.) Moonkyu (HOTSHOT)

I am aware HOTSHOT is the most nugu boygroup of nugu boygroups. I'm aware that Moonkyu looks is kind of giving off a Qri vibe from that picture. In fact he might just be the prettiest boy to end up on this list. He's a bit of a mystery really because he can go from very masculine to very pretty pretty fast. Ever since I saw the pre-debut pictures EXO come out like three or four years ago I had always wondered what the hell happened to him until he debuted in HOTSHOT and I knew he would have a spot reserved on my bias list. HOTSHOT in general are a pretty interesting group however Moonkyu remains my favorite.

6.) Mark (Got7)

JB and Youngjae take my vote for the most attractive members in Got7 but Mark's always been my bias since their debut. He's damn good looking and is also weird and never fails to make me laugh with his random bursts of energy in between his rather quiet moments. Just super adorable in general.

5.) Hoshi (Seventeen)

Hoshi's the only new person on my bias list believe it or not. When Seventeen debuted with "Adore U" I thought it was a good debut but it didn't make me stan them, however Hoshi caught my eyes from the start with his "fuck it, just bleach it" blonde hair (which has been dyed anime colors since) and slanted (is that still racist?) eyes. I could watch him dance all day, and he never fails to make me laugh with his various weird ways.

*The source for this has disapeared*

4.) Suho (EXO)

No one didn't see this coming. He's in my username so you already knew he'd be here. Suho's often times overlooked which is fine because that means more Suho for me. His face stands out among some of the other typical members of the group (has a mixture of "hard" and "soft" features) and he also entertaining when SM lets him out of the dungeon as well as being really photogenic. Have some Suho abs.

3. G-Dragon (Big Bang)

In order to fully explain why I stan him it would take an essay/life story which I am most definitely doing here as I do that enough. It all comes down to, I just can't shake him off. There's reasons behind it. He used to be #2 here once upon a time  but Big Bang's music has been sucking ("Sober" redeemed them slightly.) They haven't released anything offensively bad like "Hello Bitches." Yet. Keep in mind that I am not above shitting on his or BB's music when it sucks as documented well in the past. However, all of his past songs have had me repeating them ("Crooked", "Breathe", "Butterfly", "She's Gone", "Crayon", "A Boy", ect...) Do I think he's some musical genius rap god like 99% of GD fans? Hahahahahahahahahaha, no. But I'm not going to deny that I don't like him as an idol. He also hates the MAMA's which would honestly be enough for me to stan him having not liked a single Big Bang song because let's just face it, the MAMA's are utter bullshit.

2. Jimin (BTS)

Everything about Jimin is ridiculously cute, which I'm linking to his chubby cheeks which have been around since his pre-debut days which he had lost during the "Danger" era where all of BTS looked oddly thinner than usual, but he's been slowly gaining them back along with some extra weight (that I very well approve of) and he's just been getting even more cuter by the day.

Don't let his cuteness fool you though:


jimins take down tho.

#BTSBullyingScandal  #JiminIljinThug 
For those of you who prefer his more sexier (Slutmin?) side then there is always this:

Best fancam I've seen in a while. 

1. Onew (SHINee)

Jinki's instagram update onew so cute:

Onew was my first male bias and SHINee was my first male group I ever really got into and Onew always stood out the most to me as he had the least "dolly idol" like looks in the group and I really liked that for some reason, and I really like that now. Then I started watching their reality shows and really loved his likable personality (persona, if you will.) He also has one of the most distinguishable voices in k-pop as well as him being very pleasant to listen to since his voice sounds like it was soaked in honey. Also who could hate that smile:

*This has no source for some reason*

Praise "Rock of Ages" era Onew forever:

Those are my male biases. Expect a female bias list soon but that will take longer (I started both of these list around the same time) as I stan more female idols and therefore have to take longer to sort out who goes where.

Until then,


  1. I'm glad that King Onew is where he should be. He has everything you could possibly want from an idol: face, body, voice, and he's entertaining in front of a camera. All hail.