Saturday, February 13, 2016

Short Reviews: WINNER "Baby Baby", "I'm Young", and "Sentimental"

At first I was going to avoid Winner's comeback (for the time being) but then I remembered Winner has Song Mino and so I then decided to check it out because I could always use more Mino.

I couldn't be fucked writing three separate reviews so I'll just sum up all of my thoughts here.

Baby Baby

Yeah, not a big fan of this watered-down sad 1960's inspired track. It's not terrible but I don't see myself listening to this again. I was about to click off to the next video in the middle of this before Mino popped up on the screen and that kept my attention until the end. There is a lesson here YG.

The video is pretty but also sad and contains a lot of stuff that I just don't understand, being eighteen and all.

I'm Young

Another soulless watered-down R&B ballad from K-pop. Sigh. I listened for the first two minutes to see if the song would ever pick up and never did. There was no Mino in the video and while the video is beautifully shot and all it still couldn't keep my attention. 

I'm young too, yet everything in this video is pretty much for an older couple.


Now this is what I'm talking about. This song is miles ahead of the other two being an upbeat contemporary pop-rock song. The song itself is enough to keep my attention throughout the video, well done.

The video is also the best seeing as it has stuff I can actually relate to, fucking off in my bed room, lazing around, petting animals, playing music eating. It's also very well shot with the colors and everything. This is the best release out of the three.

Overall it's what I've come to expect from Winner (you know with the two promotional cycles YG has given them and all.) When they first started releasing songs, the only one I liked out of the bunch was "Empty" as I liked that song a lot. Now I like "Sentimental" which I think is the best Winner song to date.

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