Sunday, February 28, 2016

Short Reviews: Mamamoo - "I Miss You", "Hometown", "Proud Of 1cm" and "You're The Best"

Mamamoo make their comeback with their first full length album and released a ton of tracks and music videos before the name title track, "You're The Best" was released. These are my short thoughts on all of them.

"I Miss You"

It isn't terrible by any stretch but it sure is underwhelming. The voices are good and wispy, the piano melody is pretty decent however the pacing and the backings could have been better. It's good for when you want to listen to something very simple.


It's cute and all but like half of this is missing singing(?). Not the best.

"Proud of 1cm"

Dr. Dre is that you? Who would've thought Mamamoo would be the group to try out an Eminem style production style? Not that it's a bad thing, this is pretty damn great. It has a fun sense of humor and the beat makes me want to keep listening. The music video is pretty awesome. 

"You're The Best"

This right up on par with "Proud of 1cm" in terms of how much I enjoy it. I love the jazz production on this especially the verses, my only complaint is the chorus could have been better, I was expecting it to go in like "Piano Man" or "Um Oh Ah Yeah" but I can see myself warming up to it in the near future. The girls look amazing too, my biases Moonbyul and Wheein look great. Solar looks pretty as usual, and Hwasa new hair looks awesome on her. Ever since they started their new promos their make-up artist has finally started styling Hwasa better and better. Wheein eating was incredibly adorable.

Overall I'm looking forward to listening to their album, the "Pink Funk" mini was one of my favorites of 2015. Mamamoo's incredibly popular now so I'm happy to see them continue to put out some good tunes, from what I've seen "You're The Best" already has hit an all-kill on the charts, so I think it's safe to say that Mamamoo has cemented themselves in the industry both musically and popularity wise.

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