Saturday, February 6, 2016

[MV Review] 4Minute - "Hate"

The only Skrillex song (both k-pop and not) I'll probably ever like.

When I first heard 4Minute was collaborating with Skrillex, I facepalmed. After a good year with "Crazy", a stellar track, they had to throw all that away by collaborating with him. Now, I don't hate Skrillex personally, but his music has never been something I could get on board with. The song he produced for CL and GD goes down in history as one of the worst songs I've ever heard.

Then I heard the teaser and thought "Hey this sounds muted and not just some electric farts shoved next to each other." But the I remembered this was Skrillex, and a "drop" would exist, and I prayed it wouldn't be dubstep, and than God I was right.

The verses are very nice, subdued but dynamic ballad-like that builds up perfectly. The little dubstep synths are used to enhance, not take over and the singing done by the members (particularly Gayoon) is breathtaking.

The chorus is what's getting a lot of hate, but odly I don't have a problem with it. My first time listening to this I was caught off guard by Sohyun's pre-chorus and the drop but after listening to it for two more times, I really liked it for some reason. Probably because it's more stripped down in terms of layering when it comes to typical k-pop chorus's. Here it's just booming brass and bass, however the melody of it is strong enough for it to be catchy and not annoying. I like how it's not like "I Got a Boy" where after the chorus the whole song is different, it follows the same formula all throughout without any detours which plays more to the songs strengths.

My only complaint is the pre-chorus. Specifically because Sohyun is shouting it and it hurts my ears, the second time, Gayoon sings this part and it's perfectly. Sohyun can sing, I don't know why they made her shout it.

So overall, I really like "Hate", sure it's jarring but I've come around to really liking it.

As for the music video, I like it. Some shots look a lot like "Crazy" but it's chopped up so that some scenes take place outside of a box and outside/inside a bathroom (Jihyun.) Some shots are just beautiful aesthetic (the non-box set shots) and some sets are coolly designed. Overall the music video is pleasing to the eye and the fashion is so great. The members look good except for Hyuna. I like Hyuna and all, but her makeup artists is a flop and makes her look like her face was made out of clay. I'm saying makeup artists because I'm not sure if it's PS or not, but if it is, yikes. I'm pretty bumbed they made her wear sunglasses throughout most the video too. They all look good during the hip-hop shots. I love Gayoon's styling. Jiyoon's makeup during the second verse (an ode to 420) is flawless. Sohyun's curly bob is on point. Jihyun is proof that God is female:

W O R S H I P  H E R

Which means, Jiyoon is the devil:


(BTW someone write that fanfic please.)

The whole mini-album is perfect, I recommend all the songs. My only complaint is that there aren't enough songs (we get four new tracks and instrumental, what the fuck?!)


I give this release a 5/5. The songs one hell of a grower and the MV screams aesthetic. 

These sweatshirts need to become a thing.

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