Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Big 3 Debuts Have Spoiled Idiot Fans Who Know Nothing About An Over-saturated Market

Cosmic Girls made their debut earlier today with "MoMoMo." I'll be doing a dual review when "Catch Me" comes out, but for now let's just say I enjoyed the song somewhat and I find it to be a grower.

But in typical fashion a girl group can't debut without a bunch of fans trying to force them into failure/right them off just a couple of hours into their debut AKA the Netizenbuzz Comment section.

I don't feel like screencaping anything, but it's bad. People are practically calling them flops just because they aren't all over the charts, and I'd hate to break to you but when you use chart positions to justify a group who literally just debuted, failure, you look like an idiot. Because A.) Chart positions can rise at any given time (i.e. Twice) and B.) THEY LITERALLY JUST DEBUTED.

Look I know it might be hard for new k-pop lovers to stomach, but k-pop is a heavily over-saturated market. Sure Twice, Red Velvet, iKON, and Winner were able to do well, but that's just because they're from the Big 3 and will already have stans just because they're from the Big 3. Cosmic Girls is from Starship, who are most known for having SISTAR, they're nowhere near the Big 3 despite SITAR being huge in Korea. Cosmic Girls isn't going to be an overnight success and will more than likely gain some traction with "Catch Me", hell "MoMoMo" might climb up the charts for all we know, but it's highly unfair to compare them to rookies that come from  much larger companies and it makes you look highly ignorant.

Just because you don't like something doesn't mean it's a flop with the public. It means it's a flop with you.

Also I'm seeing people complaining that there are too many members. If any of you using this complaint to right off Cosmic Girls yet stan EXO, SuJu, or Seventeen, well, I don't even have to finish that sentence now do I? It should be obvious what's wrong with that picture.

What I'm saying is, shut the fuck up.

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