Tuesday, February 9, 2016

10 Types of People That Confuse Jimin

Remember this:

A while ago someone made a similar one with Jimin which I thought was funny so I thought it would be a nice way to get it out of my system if I did a whole blog of moments when Jimin* was confused.

1. "The Fake Talent-Obsessed "

Person: GFriend is so ugly, they'll never get anywhere.
Person: *Only talks about how they stan talent*

2. "The Pseudo Boy Group Snob"

Person: Boy groups are so generic
Person: *Has only listened to Big Bang and Super Junior*

3. "The Double-Standard Perpetrator: Western Pop VS. Eastern Pop Edition"

Person: I hate girl groups with sexy concepts.
Person: *Stans Beyonce and Lady Gaga*

4. "The Closet-Pervert: Anime Edition"

Person: I hate the perverted angles in K-pop it looks so trashy.
Person: *Watches the fuck out of anime for the perverted angles*

5. "Doesn't-Practice-What-They-Preach Preacher"

Person: The authors of AKF are so mean!!!
Person: *Makes malicious comments towards the authors that involve rap/murder or other types of physical harm*

6. "Closet Pervert: Cute Concept Edition"

Person: I hate it when idols are forced to do sexy concepts. It's so sexist.
Person: *Only stans idols who are forced to do cute concepts*

7. "Closet-Pervert: Sexy Concept Edition"

Person: I hate it when idols are forced to do cute concepts. It looks so unnatural.
Person: *Only stans idols who are forced to do sexy concepts*

8. "Double-Standard Perpetrator: Yeri VS. Tzuyu Edition"

Person: I don't stan Yeri because she's under-aged.
Person: *Stans Tzuyu (who's younger than Yeri)*

9. "The Self-Proclaimed Nutritionist"

Person: Red Velvet is fat!!!
Person: *Calls Red Velvet too skinny and anorexic when they loose weight*

10. "Hypocritical Fandom: VIP Vs. BTS Edition"

Person: I hate BTS's fans, they bring BTS into everything!
Person: *Is a VIP that claims every boy group steals from Big Bang on all social media*

So yeah, hoped you enjoyed this bizarre post. I might come up with more and feel free to leave any suggestions. I enjoyed this a whole lot more than I thought I would.

* "Jimin" is me. As in his reaction in the picture is my reaction when I see these types of people.

Here's a fancam of AOA's Motherfuckin' Top Madame Jimin performing "Confused" if this wasn't your cup of tea:

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