Friday, January 15, 2016

Why I'm Stanning Tzuyu

Seeing as how her "scandal" went down and how easily JYP succumbed to Chinese netizens, I have nothing but support for her.

(Keep in mind, I don't want any AKF authors to feel that they can't post on this matter just because I now have. If anything, I want more people to speak up on this, so if you had a post planned on this subject, don't feel the need to discard it, please.)

I just want to say this: My knowledge on the whole China-Taiwan issue is fairly limited. But I know wrong when I see it, and what happened to Tzuyu was really wrong.

First, Huang An, is a hypocritical old man. He was an artist born in Taiwan, and once the Taiwanese market went down in his field, he became a Chinese nationalist and a One-China supporter. He called Tzuyu out for holding up a Taiwanese flag, the flag of her birth country; meanwhile, he's been seen with it, too:


He is known for getting artists in China banned if they seem to be for Taiwanese independence. He is basically a "pawn" for the Chinese government, based off what I've read, to further push the idea of "One-China."

Not only did he start this, not only is he a hypocrite, but he did all of this against a 16-year-old girl who is now being attacked by a whole country full of netizens that make netizenbuzz look like child's play.

Second, someone who is unknown made a post saying Tzuyu kept on insisting that she was Taiwanese on some show with Jackson. Not only did she not say anything at all, but it was a completely different man who said the word "Taipei." Tzuyu remained silent throughout the whole exchange. And even if she did insist she was Taiwanese, she has every right to, and that is not worthy of hate.

In typical "Oppa-Defense" mode, many Got7 fans are saying that Twice fans have no right to be mad at Jackson since he corrected her for being "illiterate" and have even bashed Tzuyu, which I have to say is fucking moronic. Actually understand what happened before outing someone completely and causing fanwars. And even if that scenario was true, Tzuyu wasn't being illiterate at all, and to be bashing a 16-year-old girl for something so stupid in the first place because you "MUST PROTECT OPPAR!!11" makes your entire fandom look pathetic. 

Third, the companies Tzuyu initially signed with have withdrawn their contracts, like LG Plus for example, and Twice as a whole has also gotten some contracts cut. The J-Trinity (Momo, Sana, and Mina) have also been up to some netizen scrutiny for being Japanese and holding up Japanese flags. As a result, they have also had invitations revoked, etc. ... All of this because some hypocritical old man started beating up on a 16-year-old with absolutely no evidence behind it.

Fourth, 2PM stans have also resorted to bashing Tzuyu and JYP since their first statement, because 2PM's activities in China were being jeopardized and threatened. Not only has this shown that the people JYP linked up with in China are petty but are also willing to put a big money maker (2PM makes JYP A LOT of money) on hold because of an ideology and a post by a hypocritical old man against a 16-year-old.

Fifth, China and Taiwan made Tzuyu into a political pawn. You're going to turn a 16-year-old girl into the face of your own beliefs completely disregarding how she may feel on both sides? Not only does that make both countries look bad, but that type of pressure on a girl of Tzuyu's age is probably immensely psychologically damaging. You're asking her to choose between the country she was born into and the country she has to make part of her living in. You are forcing her to either be with you or against you. This isn't as simple as "You can have one cookie or the other." Hell, this isn't even "You either live with your mother or your father." This is asking a young girl to choose between two fucking countries for your own selfish reasons!

Sixth, JYP became Chinese netizens' bitch. His first statement was right on, not taking a side, wanting to remain neutral. With his second statement, you began to see the heat come down. By the third statement along with Tzuyu's held captive by terrorist plea apology to China, he basically admitted that Tzuyu was wrong when she literally didn't do anything. She was given a flag by staff and had a rumor spread that she said something when she didn't and has video evidence to back it up. God this was a stupid move. The C-netz who hate Tzuyu and JYP never planned on giving her a second chance. All they wanted was something with which they could stroke their nationalist egos. They will never be pleased, either. Just look at some of the comments they've made since the video has been put up/; "She doesn't look like she meant it." You see, JYP? They will never be pleased. You have never, can never, and will never please extremists. Say what you want about Kim Kwang Soo, but at least he realized T-ara was done in Korea and had them promote heavily in China. Now look at how great T-ara's doing in China. They're making major bank. Sure, China's market is huge, but only about 33% of the money that Twice would make would come from China in the long run. It's not like JYP only had China as an option. He has three Japanese members, and Japan's music market is bigger than China's. He should have just left this whole situation at his first statement and then focused Twice on Korea and Japan's market and called it a day. But instead, he forced Tzuyu to make an apology for something she didn't do and also took the blame when he did nothing wrong. And what's that going to accomplish? Nothing, because netizens, no matter what country they're from, will never be pleased, because they are morons that have deluded themselves into thinking that they're always right even when they're wrong (i.e. doublethink).

And all of this done to a 16-year-old girl.

At first, Sana was my favorite in Twice (still bless her heart and soul), but for the time being, I'm claiming Tzuyu as my bias. She needs all of the support she can get, and with everything that's happened to her in the past week, I find it hard not to support her. You do not slander, bash, use for political warfare (if you want to call it that), and throw a 16-year-old under the bus just to prove a worthless point/make money.

So while Tzuyu may have lost a lot of fans in this, she's gained a stan.

I'll end with this cute clip I saw of them on "My Little Television" way before the scandal of them playing basketball and waving their cute mini-flags:

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