Monday, January 11, 2016

Stellar Might Be Pulling an IU With Their Latest Concept


With Stellars upcoming mini-album the first set of teaser pictures with member Minhee have been released and I am SO ready for this.




In case your wondering, these pictures were taken by a well known gravure photographer who's well known for similar works. However I while Minhee looks amazing in these pictures, it's not the fact that they're sexy pictures that I like. I like the fact that this comeback is building up to an IU lolita-concept-bashing fiasco that will cause so much netizen tears to be extracted because they dare take a jab at something they enjoy/make them think. It's being marketed as an "innocent" concept and Minhee looks innocent in the face however everything else about the pics are pretty much sex.

Over on NB everyone's already calling it a "lolicon" so if Stellar were trying to pull an IU they succeeded. I can't wait for this comeback.

I think it's safe to say that Stellar is one of the most important idol groups out there, because they constantly take jabs at the hypocrisy of the industry and the fans and always return with zero-fucks given. 

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