Sunday, January 24, 2016

[MV Review] Stellar - "Sting"

Stellar return with their meta concept for "Sting" and it's all playing right into the hands of what made them popular in the first song: great song and a concept that will surely bring pearl-clutchers to their knees.

Sweetune does it again with Stellar by bringing disco-funk that would have been popular in the 70's and modernizing it to make it more upbeat. However, the modernizing here isn't really anything brand new, it sounds more 90's than anything, at least to me. The songs dreamlike and subtle nature and  make for an effect similar to that of "Mask." Meaning that it will probably be terribly promoted and unfairly flop on the charts. But from what I see, Stellar have been gaining a lot of positive reactions to this, so this might actual be their breakout era, which should have happened with "Mask" or "Vibrato" but as long as they get their names out there and solidify themselves somewhere in the market, all should be good.

The music video is another smartly done commentary on the faults of the industry, and this time it takes aim at the fans. We got this in "Vibrato" too but this is straight up in your face. While you got sad from watching their music videos from "Marionette" and "Vibrato" you'll get creeped out by this music video, and that's all it's intention. The song and music video is about those people that love to criticize them, and then spend the rest of their time looking them up for fap purposes. Their dressed in white and looking innocent because that's what these people want them to look like because it's easier for them to get off to something cute because they've been told their whole lives to like more "subtle" sexiness when it really isn't subtle at all and is just as fetish-friendly as any AOA post-"Miniskirt" concept. The anonymous male-photographer is supposed to be you, taking in the perspective of one of Stellars fans or anti's and the the little mouse-clicks/pointers are the represent how that will follow the members until they're the most sought-after bait and the clicks are literally on top of them.

It's all good, good stuff and could be interpreted any amount of ways, that's just how I got it. Stellar's MV's tend to have a load of symbolism in them, I'm actually surprised some music video analysis people outside of Arcadey haven't broken down their MV's more.

I give this release a 5/5. "Sting" is another great song to add to their great discography and the music video follows their regular protocol.

The mini album is also pretty great, I recommend "Insommia" and "Cinderella."

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