Friday, January 8, 2016

[MV Review] Dal Shabet - Someone Like U

Dal Shabet is finally back to form with a new lineup and a new 80's synth song.

"B.B.B" rocked and "Joker" sucked. However "Someone Like U" makes up for that pretty much 100%. Dal Shabet are at their best when they have that synthy 80's pop sound and it suits them as well as with them now being four, it was inevetiable they needed a good song to keep them relevant (even thought it apparently isn't doing well on the charts but it's still better than "Joker" by a land slide.)

I'm not really shocked this is a Brave Sound production but still am. His last 80's disco inspired song was BESTie's amazing "Love Options" back in 2013 so it's nice to see him getting more experimental with Hello Venus, AOA, and Nine Muses. I hope he gives more groups this type of song though, or Dal Shabet can make more than one comeback a year and he can hand them all these songs. Seriously, one comeback a year isn't doing Dal Shabet any favors and the only groups that can actually do that are pretty much SM and maybe YG idols, and even really f(x) gets one comeback a year so yeah.

The song is honestly so good and the chorus is so catchy, my favorite song of the year by far.

Nothing remarkable about the music video aside from how pretty the girls looked and those pretty dresses they wear towards the end. Other than that, it's pretty basic stuff that KARA did better with "Damaged Lady"...back in 2013.

I give this release a 4/5. While the song is excellent the music video looses points with me for being seemingly uninspired.


  1. Song of the year, everyone else might as well give just give up and try again in 2017.

    1. Seriously, this makes me think why Dal Shabet always release their best stuff super early in the year, a lot of fans don't even remember January releases unless they're from the "Big 3." Imagine the reactions to "Someone Like U" if they'd released it in November or December!