Saturday, January 9, 2016

January Comeback Hype

So. Many. Comebacks.

Hani who? Jiyoon for the green haired crown.

4Minute - With them being upgraded and k-pops 2nd/3rd most reliable group, I expect something that keeps up their upbeat and bombastic style. If it's anything like "Crazy" it's a hit.

Teen Top - I actually really liked "Ah-Ah" so it's not like they're on my shit-list or anything, I just hope they really step it up this year and gain some more traction.

Winner - YG finally gives the better half of their rookie boy groups a comeback. While I'm not an extreme fan of Winner or anything, I did like "Empty" and "Love is a Lie" a lot plus Song Mino is hot so bless his assistance within that group.

GFriend - Monster rookies and holders of the sweet "Me Gustas Tu." While I still find their debut song terrible, "Me Gustas Tu" is a whimsical bop (Hollee slang) that completely redeemed them in my eyes and turned me into a stan (netizens hate also helps me stan them easier.) If they this up they'll have a die-hard fan from me.

Stellar - Stellar became one of my favorite girl groups in 2015, they've released so many jams that it would be a crime for me to not stan them. I also like how they have mass amounts of symbolism in their music videos that fans just can't seem to see since they're so caught up in the sexiness. Such a shame, really. Anyway the song is called "Stabbed" and as far as I know it's also produced by the past Sweetune members that go by MonoTree who produced "Mask" and "Vibrato" so it's already riding on high gears. Guessing by some pics I've seen it gives off a "Mask" feel and "Mask" was excellent so I hope for the best.

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