Saturday, August 29, 2015

[Visual] Moonbyul is a BAMF

Moonbyul is a Bad Ass Mother Fucker.

Gyuri The Goddess and From The Airport - The Little Prince

Right before Hara made her debut, Gyuri had a solo collab with indie band From The Airport which should be getting a lot more attention.

[MV Review] Hyuna ft. Ilhoon - Because I'm The Best (Roll Deep)

Hyuna makes a comeback and it's okay.

Netizen's Fake Vocal-Faggotry* Needs To Stop

I've had it up here *mimics Moonbyul* with this shit.

So Stellar talked about how they don't care if their image is controversial if it gets people to pay attention to them, and a lot of netizens are saying, "If you guys really wanted fame for your music, then you would just become better singers and stop stripping." This is some utter bullshit, because I could make a list miles long of groups that netizens praise with barely any good singers.

SHINee's "Married to the Music" Just Became My Favorite Song Of the Year

A few weeks ago, I wrote a review of the song saying it was good but not as good as "View," but things have changed in those few weeks ... a lot.

Why Do Female Idols Have It Rough?

It's been a hot topic for just about everyone into kpop that reads comments anywhere. Nobody has really given concrete answers, so I will break down each of the major ones I've discovered/thought the most about.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

[Dual Review] Girls' Generation (SNSD) - Lion Heart & You Think

I apologized beforehand for the blog lacking as of late. It doesn't have anything to do with my gig over at AKF, I've been fighting off the flu lately, which means I haven't been up for more meaty posts.

But now, I'm feeling much better (flu's almost gone) and SNSD made their long-awaited comeback of comebacks. At first I was worried but if EXO can lose members and have their sound improve then so can SNSD's and it is both nostalgic, fresh, and just what was needed.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Directioners Mad That K-Pop Fans Have More Determination Than Them

T-ara? More like T-AWESOME

Generally speaking, fans of any kind of pop music tend to be bat-shit insane, but Directioners just took the cake with this latest shit.

The 3 Cute and Popular In's Are Wrecking My Bias List

Unlike most international k-pop fans, cute concepts don't bother me. Unlike most k-pop fans in general, a groups concept won't stop me from liking them. I like any group rather they're staple cuties (Apink), head turning sexies (Stellar), goofy badasses (4Minute), and headbanging metal chicks (Pritz) and the same for boy groups. 


Sunday, August 9, 2015

Hyuna Fully Embraces Herself as K-Pop's Rihanna in Her New Teaser

Since I'm a fan of both Hyuna and Rihanna, I'm already looking forward to this. It don't look like it will be the awesome music video of "Bitch Better Have My Money" but damn, it's pretty Rihanna looking. 

[MV Review] GD&TOP - Zutter

"Let's Not Fall In Love" was decent (with excellent GD eye-candy mind you), but the real star of the "E" single is "Zutter" for better or for worse.

[MV Reivew] Wonder Girls - I Feel You

Wonder Girls is back with an upgraded[?] line-up and sound and it's oh so welcome.

[MV Review] T-ara - So Crazy

T-ara take a brake from Shinsadong Tiger and go with k-pop's most over-used and over-hyped producer Brave Brothers, but it turns out way better than expected.

[MV Review] SHINee - Married To the Music

With the success of the great "View", SHINee release a repackage of "Odd" with "Married To The Music" and the results are familiar and good.