Wednesday, July 29, 2015

[MV Review] Primary Feat. Choa (AOA) and Iron - Don't Be Shy

In the heat of all of these mostly less-than-stellar summer comebacks, Primary teams up with AOA's Choa and rapper Iron to make a much more impressive song, even if it is out of the blue and totally unexpected, but hey! I love surprises especially if they're good.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Yenny's Elegant and Graceful in Her Instrument Teaser

While Sunmi channeled Kool and the Gang in her teaser, and Yubin and Lim let their inner rock-stars out, Yenny becomes a classy pianist for her teaser and it's great. Seriously, how could teasers so simple be so awesome?

[Album Review] Got7 - Just Right

Got7 are one of those groups who have yet to put out a bad album. I enjoyed their debut mini "Got It?", and loved their follow up mini with "Got Love" and their full length album was pretty decent as well, and "Just Right" falls in line as another solid release.

[MV Review] GFriend - Me Gustas Tu

While I thought "Glass Bead" was nothing special, I still wished GFriend luck on their next release. Well, "Me Gustas Tu" (Spanish for "I Like You.) came out so did wishing them luck work?

[Album Review] Girl's Day - Love Second Album

While "Ring My Bell" was a hot mess, a song like "Macaron" made me check out this album and I was pleasantly surprised. Filtering through the past hits and past mini album B-sides and a CF promotional single (same format with the Expectation/Female President albums), "Love" puts on an entertaining show, making it GsD's best album so far and one of my personal favorite albums of 2015.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

[Visual] Hello Venus's "I'm Art" MV-Cams

I just reviewed their great new song "I'm Art" like five minutes ago but I found these and now I'm ready to show them. 

If you've ever had trouble with fancas being virticle well now their company has put out videos of each individual member doing the choreo in the music video high definition, horizontal glory. I don't know what to call these so I'm calling these MV-Cams.

Videos after the jump, enjoy!

[MV Review] Hello Venus - I'm Art

At first I was skeptical of Brave Brothers producing Hello Venus, since "Sticky Sticky" was nothing special, however that has now changed now that Hello Venus has put out two of my favorite songs this year with "Wiggle Wiggle" and now "I'm Art."

Yubin and Hye Rim Rock Out On Drums and Guitar in Latest Teasers

While Sunmi got her Kool and The Gang on in her awesome bass teaser, Yubin and Hye Rim bring out their inner punk rockers for their teasers with Yubin on the drums and Hye Rim on the guitar. JYP is shitting gold at making good teasers, this just further proves it. I literally can't wait for my bias Yenny tomorrow who will be playing the keyboards.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Sunmi's Teaser for Wonder Girls Comeback is Fantastic

I was excited for Wonder Girls debut since JYP announced it. I was little skeptical when JYP said they'd be playing instruments, but now I take back any doubt I ever had because this is fucking flawless. The bass (bass guitar and cello) are my favorite instruments in music, and to see a goddess like Sunmi (who became one of my favorite soloist in 2013 and 2014) rock out on it to this eerie, dark and intriguing song just hypes me up for Wonder Girls comeback even more.

Basically, this is the badass AOA Black/Band comeback we're probably never going to get, but WG will fill that gap.

[MV Review] Stellar - Vibrato

FUN STORY: Since I'm 17 (almost 18) this was restricted to me, so I literally had to embed it (or watch a youtubers reaction) to see the actual mv without YT blocking me from it. Because you know, 17 is so much more immature than 18. So if you're under 18 and want to watch the mv, you're free to here) Anyway on with the review.

Vaginas rule.

[MV Review] Sonamoo - Cushion

Sonamoo made a comeback. Some things are great and others need to be addressed with a fine tooth comb.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

[Album Review] SHINee - Odd

Late as hell but let's get on with it: SHINee's "Odd" album review!

SHINee's back~ this time with a new album, and like f(x), SHINee have yet to disappoint with an album, let's see if "Odd" lives up or down to their consistent on-point discography. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

[MV Review] Got7 - Just Right

Got7 are back out of the random ass blue!

In the mix of all girl group comebacks, I guess JYP saw an oppertunity to have Got7 add some males into the mix. 

SONAMOO Comeback is Real and I AM READY

sonamoo cushion High.D

My favorite rookies from 2014 are having a comeback and so far it looks glorious.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

[Album Review] BoA - Kiss My Lips

The Queen of K-Pop, BoA has made her long awaited comeback with two new songs and an album, "Kiss My Lips." All self-composed with one or two exceptions, and to any BoA fan, it's a treat of an album.

Album Track Sunday #3: Girl's Day - "Macaron"

I ran this series a while back when my computer wasn't a jackass. There are two others, one for BoA and one for B2ST. This is basically where I review a really good song that was not the title track on an album (but could/should have). And seeing as I took a giant shit on Girl's Day's latest hot-mess of a title-track, "Ring My Bell" it only seems fit that I praise this masterpiece.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

[Update] Upcoming Album Reviews

BoA - Kiss My Lips (#1 priority)
SHINee - Odd (priority)
Girl's Day - Love Second Album (priority)
SNSD's New Album (later)
Got7's New Album (later)
I Want to Eventually Review All of My Top Groups Albums (F(x) and BTS)

Ultimate Girl Group Comeback Smackdown: Summer Edition Part 1 - AOA Vs.SISTAR Vs. Nine Muses vs. Girl's Day Vs.Girls' Generation

With half of summer already done, lets take a look at some of the major girl group releases for the first half of summer! Who had the best song? Who had the best concept? Do they all fall or soar? Stay tuned and find out!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Debunking This Misconception From Netizens Once and For All: Celebrities Have The Best Lives Ever

I've seen these types of articles on NB where a celebrity says something they don't like about their job, and netizens as usual knowing nothing about anything say stuff like "You're a celebrity! You have it easy, you have no right to complain! My parents work so much harder!" But I have never gotten down to actually posting it and debunking that stupid logic, however in the spirit of SNSD making a triple comeback, I will tackle that logic using the comments from Yuri's latest fiasco because they all pretty much bring up every flaw in the myth to begin with, and don't worry I will sprinkle pretty pictures of Yuri in between each one so you can have something good to look at after reading through so much ugly.

Two People You Should Give a Chance: Anda and Yankie

Some time ago I did a post on BESTie and HISTORY and today I'm going to do something similar only with two soloist: Anda and Yankie!

Anda sings mostly pop to my knowledge, however it seems to mostly be geared to adults (you'll see.)

Yankie is a rapper that has some collabs on his new album that are AWESOME.