Wednesday, June 24, 2015

[MV Review] AOA (Ace of Angels) - Heart Attack

AOA makes their anticipated comeback that shifts from their usual Brave Sounding-ness to something more summer friendly.

Monday, June 22, 2015

[Visual] BTS's Fetish Teaser Pics for "Sick"/"Dope/"Fucking Awesome"

I originally had a meme, but it wouldn't generate so just enjoy this audio.

BTS is having a comeback with "Sick" (or "Dope" or "Fucking Awesome" for direct translation.) I was already excited when they chose "Sick" since it's one of my favorite songs from the album (I would have preferred "Hold Me Tight" but "Sick" wasn't a bad choice either.) For those of you who haven't heard it, just imagine EXID's "Up and Down" sung by dudes on crack. However these teaser pics were enough to send my expectations through the fucking roof.

[Visual] KARA's Hara Gives Us a Summer to Look Forward To in Cosmopolitan

Now that I am officially on summer break, I should have some time to do some post since I have a week off before I start work. I don't give a fuck about Cosmopolitan, however I can appreciate a pretty pictorial when I see one. I wasn't digging Hara's hair color in "Cupid" but it looks much more lovely (along with other things) in her recent pictorial.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

[MV Review] BTS - For You

I'm convinced Big Hit is content on making BTS pre-2012 tragedy T-ara in terms of promotions because they just ended their promos for "I Need U" like a week and a half ago, and now they're promoting their latest Japanese single. Normally with rushed comebacks, songs tend to fall off a bit for the group, but just like T-ara, BTS's quality hasn't dropped.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

[MV Review] KARA - Cupid

KARA witch up their usual sound for their brand new comeback and the results are half-and half.

Hammie Has Her Eyes On ChimChim ~

Seungyeon recently admitted that she's been wanting the D from Jimin since the"Mamma Mia" promotions. While most fangirls are like "Stay away from mai oppar u slut!!111" I'm rejoicing.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Ultimate Boy Group Comeback Smackdown: Big Bang Vs. EXO Edition

Two very big boy groups in k-pop made two big comebacks. Which survives?

Let's find out.

People Complaining about White Dudes in Girl Group Vids are Hypocrites

So CLC made a comeback with "Like" and while I like it, it's no where near as good as their fantastic debut that was "Pepe". However, I've noticed some people are complaining about the "growing trend" of White men being in girl group videos. Well, those people are hypocrites because boy groups have been using White girls in their music videos for quite a while now (Big Bang go back to like 2010) and while there was some fuss made over it, it's nothing compared to the comment section of "Like." 2NE1 did it too, but I don't remember them getting hate. But AOA and nugus CLC do it and it's a problem. Get real man.

Monday, June 1, 2015

[Visual] A Pink's Chorong Ruining My Bias List

My original A Pink biases have always been Hayoung and Namjoo, but recently I've been taking a liking to Chorong.

I was searching up anything recent like interviews, variety show appearances, concerts ect... And what I got was...amazing.

The above video is from A Pink's "Pink Paradise" concert that was in March. I must warn you, do NOT look at the video with full volume because the bass will destroy your speakers/and or ear drums. I have found one with decent audio quality but the camera's all shaky so you don't get the full glory.


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