Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Being a Fan of Music and Why Netizens Ruin That Experience


HYS_Fag recently posted this great article about why the focus on netizen comments has gone too far and I whole heartily agree, companies spend way too much time focusing on what the general public think of them. However this will be about the focus and why it sucks for music fans in general.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

[MV Review] Lim Kim - Love Game

After I floated to heaven in the last post Lim Kim brings me back reality with her new refreshing song and video, and reality never tasted sweeter.

[Fangirl Post] FUCK BTS

DISCLAIMER: When I say "Fangirl Post" I mean this will be relatively more fangirly than the norm. Not necessarily in a delusional way but more in a "Wholy fuck my ovaries are swollen" kind of way. For those who like my usual self, this isn't for you but keep reading if you feel this will entertain you and possibly make fun of me in order to bring back to reality.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Okay So On the Whole Red Velvet TRYING To Be White "Controversy"


Okay so with RV's newest concept some people have been trying to say that SM is trying to make RV look white and are upset about it because the internet is full of people who see race in everything. Then there are people on the opposite side of the spectrum that are defending SM (always eyebrow raising worthy) saying things like "White people are not the only people with blonde hair and blue eyes. Plenty of Mexicans have them too." So who is right and who is wrong?

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Seasonal Blog Design Changes

Nothing major, I just did the seasonal changing of the colors for a more spring-like feel. I updated a more recent picture of flawless Jiyeon. I tried not to make things too bright but more softer with some highlights here and there. Hope you enjoy.

Netizens Display Their Hypocrisy Even More With EXO's Recent Bullying Rumors

With all of the Tao drama, some rumors of EXO allegedly bullying Tao popped up. This is basically T-ara vs. Hwayoung all over again with gifs and videos being taken out of place as fabricated "evidence." Will netizens witch-hunt them out of their popularity and damaged/destroy their careers like they did with T-ara? The answer is no. An article literally appeared the day after that one debunking the bullying rumors. And netizens have already been saying that this is the result of anti-fans wanting to bring down EXO. This really pisses me off, not because I want EXO to get demolished (I don't) but because this just proves that anti's are hypocritical scums of the earth that should never ever speak.

[MV Review] Lim Kim - "Awoo"

Hats off to you!

[MV Review] HOTSHOT - Watch Out

Wow K-Pop gods, you guys are really blessing these nugu groups this year aren't cha?

[MV Review] Oh My Girl - Cupid

I see to make up for The Ark's boring existence the K-Pop Gods decided to debut Oh My Girl and their amazing debut song!

Upcoming Post #2

Post Spam is coming soon.

- Oh My Girl "Cupid" Review
- HOTSHOT "Watch Out" Review
- Lim Kim "Awoo" Review
- Will Netizens Bully EXO Out of Their Popularity Like They Did T-ara? The Answer is No and the Reason Won't Suprise You.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Over ANALyzing K-Pop Lyrics - HyunA's "Ice Cream" Edition

"You can't spell 'overanlyze' with out spelling 'Anal'." ~ Kpopalypse

This is the first edition to something I've been looking into doing for the longest: over analyzing k-pop lyrics. Most k-pop lyrics don't mean lickity-splat but that doesn't mean you don't have the right to see what you want to see.

Most people would look at the lyrics for "Ice Cream" and think of Hyuna bragging on her sexuality, but I see something much, much different that gives Hyuna some major street cred as well as some feminist cred.

*Semi-Late* [Review] EXO - Call Me Baby

EXO's back! Was EXO12 better? Is EXO10 better? Does that even fucking matter? No because why in the fuck did SM troll us with those epic teasers is the better question.

BTS is Returns With a Flawless "Walden" Concept (Teaser Pics)

About the teaser above: Yoongi is awesome, I was surprised that it was Yoongi who did the rapping this time instead of Namjoon but regardless I think this is pretty sweet. I like the lyrics a lot too and the animation is super cool. 

Onto the teasers, for those of you who don't know, "Walden" is a book (that I am studying in my English class) by Henry David Thoreau and it tells the story of his years living in the forest, and the name of the pond he lives by is named Walden. Since I am also studying horticulture in school I am fascinated with nature and the beauty it has to offer so you can guess I'm eating up "Walden" and I'm eating up BTS's beautiful Walden-inspired teaser pics below!

Friday, April 17, 2015

EXO's Sehun and Miranda Kerr's Blooming Relationship

                                                           (Credit goes to the owner of the picture.)

For a long time coming, EXO-L’s have been known for being... well, delusional.
Many like to pair themselves with their biases while others just can’t control themselves with the amount of fanservice that each ship has to give, some more than others. It’s no surprise at the reaction they offer when Baekhyun and Taeyeon officially announced their relationship. Some were heart-broken because their bias was off the market and/or Baekyeol could not be real anymore. Meanwhile, the rest of the fandom was alright with it as Baekhyun did have the biggest crush on Taeyeon and admit it, we all thought it was cute.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

[MV Review] EXID - Ah Yeah

I'm back! This may be a relief for those of you who thought I turned into jessica_ftw or sone_ftw from the last post. EXID came back "Ah Yeah" and while "Ah Yeah" a great song and comeback for them, it was both a good and bad decision.

[Visual] Blond-Sica

Ex-SNSD member Jessica is now running her own fashion line post lead-vocalist that is becoming quite popular in China. It's good to know that both her and the rest of the SNSD members are doing good after SicaGate-2014. This is a post honoring one of my favorite era's of Jessica during her idol haydays, Oh, Run Devil Run, and any other era where she is blonde because she's honesty one of the few idols (and Asians overall) I think can look really pretty blonde. So expect this Pann style post praising Blonde-Sica.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

[I Fucking Give Up Review] Pocket Girl's - Bbang Bbang

I'm only going to talk about the song, since there is no way in hell I could give the music video a serious review, even for GOK standards. So I'm just going to say that I like the song, aside from the shitty dubstep-rap breakdown I feel like it's worth at least least one listen. I know you'll probably give up when the MV starts, and already start denouncing the song as bad but open another tab and just listen to the song, because it is good. I'm interested on seeing what they're going to release next actually. On a side note, wtf is up with their named? Pocket Girls??? What are they, Pokemon (Pocket+Monster)? I doubt it since their video doesn't have enough seizure-inducing lights but the "dubbing" (in this case lip-syncing to the song in the video) is pretty Pokemon-esc. A better name would have been Bom Girls because it looks like they all went to the same surgeon for a Gangnam Style makeover. 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Rubber Soul Blew My Minds

Out of the rookies that have debuted this year so far, Rubber Soul have had the greatest affect on me. Thanks Arcadey otherwise I would have slept on these girls so hard and felt like a huge idiot for doing so.

EXID's "Ah Yeah" Teasers

I normally don't blog post about teasers because there is nothing really to say about them besides "sounds like it's going to be good" or "sounds like it's going to be shit" but I'll make exceptions for some groups who seem to have interesting teasers and EXID's certainly are interesting.

[MV Review] SNSD (Girls' Generation) - Catch Me If You Can

Merp :3

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Add BTS, Big Bang and Girl's Day to Comeback Calendar

Okay so I just did a post about F(x)'s comeback for summer so now let's talk about BTS and Gir's Day's sooner comebacks.

[Dual Review] Inverse Relationship: MADTOWN and B.I.G

MADTOWN and BIG were both nugus in 2014. MADTOWN's "YOLO" was great to me but I thought BIG's "Hello" sucked ass. But now an inverse relationship has happened because  MADTOWN's new song is bleh, but I love BIG's new one.

*Late*[MV Review] Boyfriend - BOUNCE

Damn you k-pop gods!! First Infinite infiltrates my bias list now Boyfriend?

F(x) Are Preparing a New Album, Let's Rejoice!

Victoria and Krystal recently confirmed that F(x) is working on a new album. This should shut up everyone who was happily awaiting SM to issue out F(x)'s disbandment statement.

The Truth About FIESTAR

Notice how Cao Lu is looking right at the camera trying to get more than her five-seconds of screen time in? This post will explain why she has to do this.

Admit it, with Fiestars newest image you've been paying more attention to them. But with this new attention you may be wondering why a certain member might be getting more attention than the other. Her name is Jei and she takes up 75% of Fiestar's screentime. Linzy takes 15% and the other three split the other 10% of the videos. And what's worse, is that when fans of other members complain about it, delusional Jei fans call them "Jealous Jei Anti's". Why may this be? Is it the company being unfair or is there something deeper to it?

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Wtf Red Velvet Fans?

mfw I read RV fans whining.

I know this is ironic considering I'm an F(x) stan and everyone knows we're whiny but what exactly is up with these Red Velvet stans?