Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Also on MV Reviews and Updating in General

My computer is still in the shop so I can only update from here to there when I get some time and a computer. I will be reviewing Hello Venus's, Jonghyun's, and 4Minute's songs when I can. 

g.o.d Fans Make Me LOL

My face was like Changsub's while reading this whole fiasco tbh.

Remember when SONAMOO debuted and Shawol's flipped their shit because their light stick colors were kind of similar to SHINee's? Well g.o.d fans have taken butthurteness to a whole new level of fangirl insanity that makes Shawol's war with SONAMOO fans look like child's play. As it rightfully should because what adult would waste time and energy on a fandom color? Oh  Well sense g.o.d is a first-generation idol group majority of their fans are more then likely adults with jobs and lives that they're supposed to be living. But let's not get into that today.

Via Netizenbuzz/Pann

Friday, January 2, 2015

Jooyeon Officially Graduates From After School

Jooyeon was one of my fave AS members, and I was a fan of After School before EXO debuted and I started stanning her male alter ego, Suho, so seeing her leave is quite saddening to me, but it's her decision and if she wants to leave After School to pursue something else or a different dream I'm cool with that.

Why KBS Disable Embedding On Hello Venus???

Hello Venus performed their upcoming song "Wiggle Wiggle" live on broadcast and the KBS YouTube channel disabled embedding. View the performance here.

I can't hear the song all too well here, but so far it sounds like it will exceed expectations. When the "Wiggle Wiggle" teaser was released my only fear was that the song wouldn't be as amazing as it sounded in the teaser. I think the only places that needed to grow on me are the verses, but the opening, chorus and ending sound really great. The performance is decent, they remind me of a more sexual Sonamoo with the actual sound of the song sounding like 2004 pussy-popping track. I think the outfits are cute and the dance doesn't seem as sexual as hyped by anti-fans. Overall I'm looking forward to the song when it's audio is fully released.

Suho_Ftw's Top 20 Songs of 2014

Happy New Year Everyone!

These are 20 of my favorite songs of 2014. I was originally going to do top 15 and have a bunch of long and drawn out paragraphs detailing why I like each song. But then I was like, naaaaaaaawwww fuck it. The name of this blog is Goofing Off With K-Pop not Serious and Technological Crap With K-Pop, and added five and am just going to do a few bulletpoints as to why I find them so awesome. I added more songs and less bore. Hope you enjoy!