Thursday, December 10, 2015

Why I'm Forever In Debt to Luhan

He made this. I've listened to it on repeat trying to see if I wont lose it laughing my fucking ass off and I've failed every time. Now let me list my favorite lyrics from this song(?)

"I'm just tryna get'cha in the moo"

"Baby just tell me what it doo"

"Now blow it like flu"

"Swerving on you fools, never hitting snoose"

"I tell em' moo! Moo!"

"I'm making moove"

"I been cooking up a stew"

"Imma make that flower bloom (OOOH)"

"She wanna ride she wanna fly so I say where?"

"Bend that body like a gumnast"

"Set up shop on the moon"

"Yeah the deer be everywhere, everybody scared, run n say ur prayers"

"Come at me I press u like sum juice"

"Smoke you with the ooz"

"Oooh oooh oooh wooo ooooh ooh ooh" (AKA the noises he makes while he was on the shitter recording this.)

I just lose it every time I listen to this song. I have no fucking clue what the lyrics are supposed to mean outside of sex but this just proves that Luhan is either still a virgin or very miseducated.

Me and best friends reaction to this song(?) when we first heard it.

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