Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Why Bandwagons Are Bad.

Just when you thought it would end, the motherfuckin' saga continues.

"Not this shit again."

You know, at first I thought this whole misunderstanding couldn't get even dumber but as usual, people that live their lives through the internet never cease to amaze me.

7. [+62, -7] The lolita controversy was based off of her '23' music video, not this one... People brought up 'You & I' but most of that seemed forced. So is there a clarification for '23'?

11. [+33, -9] I agree with one of the comments here. If she really had nothing dirty about her and none of her scandals had any merit, would she have fallen as deeply as she has now? From Eunhyuk's scandal to lolita to Britney Spears, it's all just been piling and piling up... so how are you fans going to clarify her scene where she spills the milk then? Sigh, I feel so bad for you guys... IU's fans are impossible to communicate with.

12. [+23, -5] There were a lot of misunderstandings with this scandal but the point of the scandal was the lyrics to 'Zeze', which a clarification still hasn't been given for. Don't try to distract from the main point with posts like this.

IU gave a clarification. Scratch that, two clarifications. The director of the "23" music video gave a clarification. Hell, even the very publishing company that criticized IU apologized after the clarifications. (The apologies count as clarifications because she clarifies within the apologies.)

I don't know what more these netizens could want. They were dumb enough to misunderstand the context of the music video and were so pissed off that IU insulted their own (lack of) intelligence demanding this and that. She gave them what they wanted. Her director gave them what they wanted, yet they're still acting like she hasn't done shit since this whole "scandal" happened.

You know what this whole thing has me scared of? The increasing amount of political correctives that people all of a sudden care about. It seems that if something is in existance it will offend someone just by offending, and the big reason why is because being offended is the easiest way to get attention now a days.

I mean think about it, think about how many (really fucking stupid) "twitter wars" have started in K-pop fandoms alone just because someone took very specific screen-shots of a tweet or something on the internet and then spread it around claiming about how offensive it is, without even looking into the context of where it came from.

Via InfinitelySY's

What I'm about to say is an oxymoron, but these people who are pretending to be offended by an issue, are in a since, being offensive themselves. Why? Because not only are they corrupting an issue that is very serious and needs a lot of attention, but they probably don't care about it in the first place, and are trying to gain internet fame by pretending to care.

Take the "Zeze" issue. When taken out of context like it was, it looks IU was playing with the idea of pedophilia and child abuse, however anybody that actually paid any attention to what she was actually trying to do with "23", "Zeze", and her whole album in general was speak against those issues. However that can't even be looked at with her original intent any more by most because some dumbasses on the internet of all places couldn't understand the basis of a fucking satire and people actually gave them attention, and even worse, believed them.

I don't even know whose worse here: the people that started this mess or the bandwagoners. Whenever Donald Trump *shudders* on the news or television in general my mom always says "He's not the scary one. All of his supporters rallying behind him are the scary ones because they're out there making this mentality to exists." The people who made all this shit up, however the bandwagoners are the ones who give them attention and spread all of the lies and misguided non-evidence around. 

When it comes to issues like this, you cannot just take everything you see someone on social post about as 100% accurate information. Can you think about how shitty this planet would be if we only had YouTube comments as our only source of information? Pretty damn shitty if you ask me. In order to fully make a conscious opinion on a subject you have to be well versed on the context, especially in something like music where everything is pretty much up to interpretation and speculation. Can you simply interpret IU as supporting pedophilia? Yeah, but that doesn't make you right. Especially when you demand she prove you wrong and she and others involved have released clarifications explaining their intentions with their work proving you to be wrong.

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