Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Where's Dat Ass?

The Show made a dance version of BTS's "Run." All the members look great, the choreography is great too but there's just one problem... no ass shots. No seriously, they do a really hot ass move as a "point-move" several times, but the camera almost NEVER got it. It was always back and above. It only shoots it fully towards the end and it's not even at a good angle. What the hell? This is K-Pop, king of perverted angles, yet they're practically hand gifted a dance move to perve and they can't get it right? Bullshit.

At least MAMA got it right:

Jungkook trying to come for Jimin's #1 spot as the Ass God of BTS

Jimin not going down without a fight.

The only good thing about the MAMA's.

I'm hoping for more ass shots in the live stages. Of course BTS is hot in general but you don't troll people with ass when you have Jimin in a group. That just ain't right.

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