Sunday, December 27, 2015

Seventeen + Ailee - "Q&A"

Look I know I'm later than Steve Harvey but I still wanted to blog about it for some reason.

Ailee decided to collab with three members of Seventeen (S.Coups, Woozi, and Vernon) and it's different from what Ailee collabs typically sound like. Instead of the typical melancholy ballad it's an upbeat 90's-early 2000's R&B dominated song with modern trap snares. The peppy piano melody along with the silly rapping reminds me of Playback's "Playback" a lot however I know the two aren't really similar aside from being upbeat, piano melody/beat driven R&B songs (since all songs of that style tend to sound similar) however I still love the fuck out of this song.

When I first heard it I thought it was good however I find myself playing this a lot. Hell, I even downloaded it off iTunes and am still replaying it. I love the other instruments that are incorporated into the song. The rapping is decent and Ailee's voice is pretty and what's even better? She doesn't have to hoop and holler to make her presence known, her tone and color is perfect just by her singing to the simple tune. Woozi and Ailee's voice go well together too. 

While "Playback" might be a better song, I prefer this video hands down. I dig the 90's feel of the music video with the bright blue giving everything a very laid back feel. I really enjoy how Seventeen's videos all have this sort of whimsical teenybopper shit going on. Makes me smile. It has nothing with the "Q&A" having a bigger budget than "Playback" however that might have made some more aesthetically pleasing of "Q&A" possible. Also, I get to see three very attractive members of a boy group I like verses four girls that I'm not majorly into just yet. 

Also, pretty sure any teenager from any country that has standardized test can relate to this. Sure the test they're taking is not the same context wise, but all that studying and nervousness and extra shit you do before taking that test is pretty relatable.

Speaking of hot boys, good god are they hot. Sure Hoshi or the rest of Seventeen wasn't included but damn are they fucking hot in this MV.

(This is one of those videos where Ailee isn't in them. But, there's still a pretty girl in the video for those fanboys and fangirls that can't stand "total sausagefests."

I'll leave you with some gifs. Sources at the bottom.

S.Coups being unf as usual.

Of course must have Woozi looking adorable.

Vernon wants you to know he'll be legal in less than two months.

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